mobilcom debitel termination: To get rid of the contract

A mobilcom debitel termination must be in writing. Here there are all basic data, you should consider and a final termination letter as a template for all wishing to switch.

mobilcom debitel notice: This way there

A termination of the existing mobile contract, after the terms and conditions unsolicited phone call take place, nor on the website or by downloading the mobilcom debitel app to your smartphone or tablet. You must be in writing to the terms of use.

mobilcom debitel terminationThrough the website a mobilcom debitel termination is not possible.

In the terms of service, according to paragraph 3.2 .:

The notice shall be given in writing. Decisive for the period of notice is the time of receipt of the notice at mobilcom-debitel.

The safest mobilcom debitel notice must be sent by letter or fax. An appropriate template can be found at the end of the article.

When must be terminated on time?

In order for the termination is effective, it must be submitted by the deadline. Generally, a contract period of 24 months is agreed. In this case, the termination must be submitted three months before the end of this life, otherwise the contract for a further twelve months extended. Who does not know exactly until when the contract is valid, the data may ask 040- 555 541 000 under the customer service by phone.

The termination letter

Mobilcom debitel termination should be structured as follows and can be sent via post to the address or via fax to 040 to 555,541,001. The response time is stated by the vendor average of three days.

Letterhead with first name, name, street and house number, zip code and city

Mobilcom-Debitel GmbH

Customer Service

99076 Erfurt

Date (right-justified)

mobilcom-debitel termination

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby cancel my mobilcom-debitel contract deadline at the earliest opportunity.

Please send me a written confirmation of termination.

Mobile number: 0123456789

ID: 123456789

Contract Number: 123456789


Peter Mustermann

Musterstr. 999

99999 Musterstadt

Please acknowledge receipt of this notice and the termination date of the contract in writing.

For questions concerning the termination happy I am at your disposal.

Best regards


Telephone unnecessary cancellation confirmation

At irregular intervals, customers of various mobile operators will be asked to confirm your cancellation by phone. Users who performed this request remained, mostly long on hold the hotline or the connection is simply terminated. Mostly it was only in the unsuccessful attempt to confirm the cancellation by phone. However, this procedure is both legally questionable and unnecessary. If the cancellation deadline and submitted in writing, it is valid without telephone confirmation. To be on the safe side, sent the letter via registered mail or simply attached to the fax a delivery report to. In order leaves in doubt the timely delivery of the letter to prove problems.