Coloring Pages flowers for children and adults: 14 free designs for print, color in and coming down. Here again find inner peace with the coloring and relax!

Following the trend: coloring pages flowers

Currently storming coloring books for adults, the best-seller lists of the book trade. The trend is - as always - from America and drives even strange flowers. There are now the most absurd motives of James Franco naked fairy tale characters to Schimpfmalbüchern. Who, however, like classic, is sure to find the right template in the 12 floral motifs. The coloring flowers offer both individual flowers and lush bouquets or ornamental templates. There are both simple and large-scale motifs (which are also suitable for children) as well as delicate and sophisticated templates to live out his artistic talent.

Coloring Pages flowersOne of the 14 coloring flowers. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

For relaxation and inner self

The trend is not even as crazy as one might think at first glance. For now, the positive and relaxing effects of Ausmalens is known. So both hemispheres of the brain, for example, both called the coloring. The left analytical side of the brain is required by the coloring itself, the right and creative side, however, when combining the different colors and the holistic development of the template. Positively to stress also the distance from smartphone and PC affects, it focuses on painting and falls into a kind of "flow". This activity noise is perceived as extremely satisfactory and is now an essential component of happiness research. Last but not least you can win by coloring distance of his daily tasks and problems, so just enter "come down". Who does not believe, should give it a try. Thanks to our free downloads, it only needs a few colored pens and a little time. And so can the whole look:

Download and get started

The 14 coloring flowers can be downloaded as a compressed file on the download button. Following the rar file only needs to be unpacked and the appropriate scene will be selected. The templates are in the PNG image format and can be touched up with almost any image editing program. Of course, the images can also be easily printed and colored by hand. When you click with the right mouse button on the desired image and select the Print option. Following only the desired output format must be chosen and the pins are unsheathed.