Tap Tap Fish (AbyssRium): Find all fall fish 2023

Tap Tap Fish (AbyssRium): Find all fall fish

From 22 September, the autumn event, which is expected to last four weeks starts. Here you can discover 14 autumn fish and a unicorn: So you invite quickly the current version of Tap Tap Fish app formerly AbyssRium your browser settings!

All autumn fish from the Autumn Event Tap Tap Fish / AbyssRium

These nine autumn fish can you in the autumn event Tap Tap Fish / AbyssRium in the Event overview unlock – that you have until October 23 Time:

  • Autumn forest fairy tale fish: 300 sheets.
  • Star sickle fish: Autumn Activity: 300 sheets.
  • Fall forest Dumbo Octopus: hold 900 sheets and five autumn forest fairy tale fish.
  • Star tortoise: hold 900 sheets and five star sickle fish.
  • Autumn Forest football fish: have 1,800 sheets and 20 Autumn Event fish and five lights jellyfish.
  • Star Dolphin: possess 1,800 sheets and 30 Autumn Event fish.
  • Autumn forest Skates: have 3000 leaves and 40 Autumn Event fish.
  • Star Ocean Sunfish: 3000 leaves and maple leaves (Event currency) which are located over a starry rays, must be tapped 200 times. Tip: Faster gets your collected 200 sheets if your up to three starry ray outsourced all the fish; Unfortunately boosters like song often he Moon do not help here.
  • have 24,000 leaves and all Autumn Event fish (except the Sternwal) and use the Mondlied: Autumn forest whale.
  With the AbyssRium Cheat unlock hidden fish?

As you can see, you need to unlock some autumn fish from the Autumn Event a few copies that you find not listed in the Event Summary; these are the hidden autumn fish:

Fall fishThis autumn fish there beit four weeks to discover Tap Tap Fish / AbyssRium. (Picture: IDLE idea factory / Editorial)

Five hidden autumn fish and where your finds

  • Striped Star Marlin: 600 sheets, and I need you view 15 times advertising to get free maple leaves. Then it can take about half an hour until the striped star Marlins turn up. In this point you will need a quick photo of the swarm (best but two) to unlock the fish.
  • Bright jellyfish: 6,000 sheets and you have to three pictures of striped star Marlins on Facebook or Instagram post.
  • Starry ray: 2,400 sheets and you need the event theme and three split images of the stars-dolphin on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Fall forest Narwhal: 3,600 sheets stuck and you must the lonely Koraliten in the autumn costume. Then your published three photos of the autumn forest-skate to unlock the autumn narwhal.
  • Sternwal: 6,000 sheets and five autumn forest Whales.

The AbyssRium Unicorn

The unicorn exists only in the autumn event package. For 9.99 euros, there is not only the elegant mythical creatures, but also doubles the number of prisoners autumn leaves. In addition, you will benefit from a 30 percent discount if your life creates.

Theme, costume and water color

Also in the fall event of Tap Tap Fish / AbyssRium there is an appropriate topic, an autumnal costume and a matching theme.

  AbyssRium fish: Unlock Hidden species
  • Costume maple tree: Decorated the lonely Koraliten in autumnal maple style and let a colorful autumn tree from the opening up with each of your tips. Cost: 1,000 sheets
  • Water Color: The color of autumn forest you can let your shine coral in autumn forest tones. In addition to the rich red colors, there are also vast ears and red-gold leaves on the seabed. Cost: 500 sheets
  • Theme: The theme autumnal star night you dive your underwater in a deep dark blue. Cost: 500 sheets

You must for all Hersbt fish and extras of the autumn events in total 64,200 sheets collect.