Start Menu X offers users an alternative to the standard Start menu of Windows 7, Vista & Co, and can also be used on Windows 8th The freeware summarily replaces the Windows own launcher by a more flexible Start menu.

Start Menu X as an optimized version of the Windows Start menu

After installation, Start Menu X arranges all applications listed on the Start menu in alphabetical order to facilitate the search for desired programs. The list view and the elements of which can be adjusted as desired to their own needs. A special start button also provides quick access to often used programs. With a so-called "Powertimer"Function take users' changes to the power saving features.

The freeware version can be used free of charge and also supports 64-bit systems. A paid Pro version is also available. In this, the user can fully adjust, for the look of the Start menu to your own wishes. With free Start Menu X users draw new pages on the desktop. Who the specified Microsoft Launcher too boring or not appear flexible enough should take a look at the freeware. The same applies to all those who work under Windows 8, the good old Start button want to return ...

Limitations of Start Menu X

No tabs as in the Pro Edition