Orbit Downloader downloads music and videos from social networks and video portals. However, the freeware also brings natural "normal" Downloads of HTTP and FTP servers as well as from RapidShare to disk. Orbit Downloader will download as all sucker music and videos from services like YouTube, Pandora and MySpace. The Download Manager integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, browser, Maxthon and Opera. He wakes up and takes both streaming links (RTSP / RTMP), as well as HTTP and FTP links - even from email attachments. Of the "GetIt"Button indicates when browsing or work that Orbit has identified the download - a click later, the file is on the way to their hard drive. File transfer speeds up the download helper by P2P technology and multiple simultaneous connections, are divided in the files into segments. to keep track of downloaded files, facilitating the integrated tagging feature. Here the downloads can provide you with keywords and are then clearly displayed sorted. Orbit Downloader is good as a vacuum cleaner, especially for fans of video portals. The program does not stop at streaming offerings, so landing videos and music in a short time on the hard disk.