Fortunately, it is much easier, Sky announce Ticket to be able, as is the case with the regular Sky-year subscription. Nevertheless, there is a lot to consider. Here you find out more!

Sky announce TicketSky announce ticket - if you just want to get rid tickets, you can now make the online. (Picture: Sky / Editorial)

Sky announce ticket - the benefits?

For a short time Skys monthly package offer is a good thing - especially if there is a this pretty discounts again. In addition, it is convenient to be able to look great series, movies and sporting events on Sky ticket app on the go. but after the action months Tickets beat fast with pretty hefty monthly cost to book - especially the sports ticket can be expensive. In the long run it's worth not quite.

Who looks only slightly Sky anyway, so think about a termination safely. And who is still full of it and will continue to use the service in the future also, should consider whether there is a "correct" Sky-year subscription is not worth more. After all, there are even more opportunities - but against loss of flexibility with regard to the termination.

Tickets are flexible - even with the termination?

What Sky ticket so interesting makes compared to its big brother for many, is flexibility. So can unsubscribe already next month a booked ticket - if you had a full month minimum contract term at least at first booked ticket. So it does not matter when you have booked - the first month shall be deemed pro rata, the second full.

but after that can always be terminated at four weeks with a period of seven days to the end of the month. Important here is the end of the month. Individual data does not exist for Sky ticket.

Announces you do not, the subscription is always extended by an additional calendar month.

It is possible to cancel only individual tickets. But Optionally, you can also unsubscribe all book later if required new - at Sky that is in the account simply "take back termination". Or your whole puts an end and let delete your account.

Daily and weekly tickets: Here, the whole thing looks different - for the sports daily and weekly tickets you need do nothing further. This does not automatically renew, but simply end.

Sky announce ticket onlinecancel online is pretty easy. Your account remains but. (Picture: Sky / Editorial)

How do I cancel individual tickets?

If your just some - or all - want to get rid of tickets but the option should be left open to return, you can all easily make online:

  1. Login you one at
  2. Top right you will find the entry "My Account". Click it to.
  3. You now get an overview listed which tickets are currently underway and by when can cancel your them. By clicking on "Ticket quit" You announced that ticket. But until the expiry date of the minimum term you can continue to use the service. Sky then asks for a little feedback. After that, you can always go back and book tickets again.

Sky announce ticket confirmationOf course, Sky requested before confirmation again to see if you are really sure you ... (Picture: Sky / Editorial)

other ways

Likewise, you can also call the same at Sky and announce tickets: it Selects 7-23 pm, the phone number 0180 611 00 00. This, however, you have to shell out 20 cents from a landline, via mobile You pay a maximum of 60 cents. The customer number and PIN should your ready.

Likewise, you can fax a short cover letter Sky announce ticket. Here you should specify:

  • Name and address and customer number
  • The current date
  • signature

As a cover letter is just fine to write that you want to cancel your Sky-ticket contract in time as soon as possible. You should seek or a written confirmation of the termination, including termination.

The whole thing goes to Sky Germany, Customer Service, 22033 Hamburg (Exact address!) Or by fax to 0180 6886 0000, best with delivery report request.

Optionally, you can now your cover letter via email to [email protected] send. Here, too, but you should to a written confirmation from Sky exist.

Quite simply you can announce on Aboalarm here.

delete the entire account

To delete the entire Sky ticket account is a little cumbersome - there is a corresponding button only when the login did not work properly. Can you login to you regularly, you will find such a button under "My Account" no longer namely curiously.

If you can in writing, but you can try to make clear the account by your sentence "Please arrange also that my account will be deleted." inflicts. Let yourself also this Sky confirm. So you can Sky ticket terminate without keeping contaminated sites.