Those who still have room for another Messenger on his smartphone and does not feel any social networking overload, should the WeChat app try. The client is an all-rounder, the next chat, photos, video and voice messages, stickers and video calls also offers the possibility to get to know people.

WeChat app: The all-rounder among the communication client

The 2011 introduced to the market Messenger was developed by a Chinese company, where it has also its greatest popularity. Overall, the client over 500 million users count, only 400 million are from China. In addition to Chinese, the app now supports many other Asian as well as European languages, as well as German. Besides WeChat Android app is also available for all other mobile operating systems such as iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

WeChat appWeChat app is an all-rounder

The Messenger infected purely functional many of its competitors in the bag - not only for its video calling feature.

Huge range of capabilities of WeChat Android

Looking at the features of the Messengers in detail that he has everything that is needed - and more. Starting with the standard equipment can send and WeChat like other also send messages videos, pictures and voice messages to friends. Also, hundreds of animated stickers are available and can be distributed wild. In addition, a location sharing is on board, makes it easier to meet friends. Of course, group chats are possible in which up to 500 people may be involved. The usefulness in such a large group can be questioned without doubt.

In addition, the Messenger, WhatsApp what has long been expected: a video calling feature. The user can make calls with or without a picture, as he pleases. In addition, no subscription fee is due at the client, a better data protection is also promised. So the app the only certified by TRUSTe Messenger should be.

WeChat app functionsThe app has a message stream and many extras

Exciting extras such as translators or message stream

However, the functional range goes far beyond an ordinary messenger out. Thus, the app the user a personal stream available, which works similarly to the message stream of Facebook. Who is looking for new acquaintances, can also make the three functions "shaking", "people close to" and "friend-radar" contacts. The user will not even slowed down by language barriers, because the WeChat app supports 20 languages ​​and can convert messages in each of them. If that's not enough, you run riot on the integrated gaming platform.