Biathlon World Cup calendar

Of the Biathlon World Cup calendar download includes the complete biathlon schedule 2015/16. All Biathlon World Cup events in the current season, the opener in Östersund to completion in Khanty-Mansiysk on March 20 in Russia are available for quick reference and print in biathlon calendar as a PDF document.

Biathlon World Cup calendar download: Biathlon schedule with all competitions as PDF

Finally biathlon! The Biathlon calendar shows on three sides in a concise PDF file the full biathlon schedule with all the start times of the individual competitions. With the Biathlon World Cup calendar Download the Biathlon friend missed any of the exciting World Cup race in Ostersund, Hochfilzen, Pokljuka, Oberhof, Ruhpolding, Antholz, Canmore, Presque Isle and Khanty-Mansiysk. Of course, biathlon calendar PDF also the dates of the Biathlon World Cup in Oslo at Holmenkollen in Norway from 29.02 must. to 13.03.2016 not lacking.

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Two German podium at the World Cup opener in Ostersund

In the very first two biathlon relay race, the German Skijager collared two podium finishes in the World Cup opener in Östersund. The single mixed relay of the German duo Maren Hammerschmidt and Daniel Böhm had only Norway and Canada to defer them. After that, the mixed relay with Franziska Hildebrand, Vanessa Hinz, Benedikt Doll and Simon Schempp came behind Norway even on the 2nd place.

Exciting Biathlon competitions in Oberhof and Ruhpolding

In the current DSV squad compete in the Damen Laura Dahlmeier, Miriam Gössner, Maren Hammerschmid, Franziska Hildebrand, Vanessa Hinz, Karolin Horchler, Franziska Preuß, Marie Heinrich and Luise Kummer. In the men following athletes will shoot at the small disks expected: Andreas Birnbacher, Daniel Böhm, Benedikt Doll, Erik Lesser, Arnd Peiffer and Simon Schempp. German Skijager in Oberhof and Ruhpolding to fight for World Cup points at the beginning of 2016 and be enthusiastic as in previous years fans on the slopes and at the shooting know behind.

Few surprises in the men Biathlon Team

In the men there are few surprises. Mark Kirchner, the head coach of men starts with the proven from the previous year troop: "Just as the team has presented in recent months and weeks, there is simply nothing to complain about! It's fun how everyone becoming involved on a daily basis and is working on even the smallest nuances to develop. We had therefore set us quite early that we start with these six athletes in the first World Cup third. Because those were the athletes who were able to hold even at the German Championship."

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Miriam Gössner is back on track

In the women's Miriam Gössner has returned to the World Cup team again. After her severe injury from a bicycle accident in 2013 she convinced again with superb mileage. Laura Dahlmeier will be sidelined once because of a still recovering from infection and starts a little later in the season. Vanessa Hinz sat down opposite Nadine Horchler because of their better mileage by. A new name in biathlon Zurkus: the step to the World Cup team Maren Hammerschmidt has done.

The dates when Biathlon calendar 2015/16 in short overview:

  • Ostersund (Sweden) 30.11 - 06.12.2015
  • Hochfilzen (Austria) 12.07 - 12.13.2015
  • Pokljuka (Slovenia) 12.14 - 12.20.2015
  • Oberhof (Germany) 04:01 - 10/01/2016
  • Ruhpolding (Germany) 1.11 - 17/01/2016
  • Antholz (Italy) 18:01 - 24/01/2016
  • Canmore (Canada) 01.02 - 02.07.2016
  • Presque Isle (USA) 08.02 - 02.14.2016
  • Oslo Holmenkollen (Norway) 29.02 - 03.13.2016 (WM)
  • Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) 14.03 - 20.03.2016