stream sent to alternative domains stream sent to alternative domains

With the stream can be run movies & View series for free. Read here how to use the stream, even if the site is blocked!

Who the Stream uses, is currently legally still halfway on the safe side. According to current law, the operator of the site only commit copyright infringement. How long it will remain so, is not currently in sight. But there are increasing sentences against the providers of various streaming services – most recently been or banned in Austria. Those who want to exploit the current gray area in Germany, can do that download app with the mobile. stream in Austria banned

Who wants to see for lukewarm movies, and series must embark on semi-legal paths – and be quick. Because the pages from vendors such or be locked in more and more European countries. Currently this is the case in Austria, where the Supreme Court had asked Internet providers to block copyright questionable sites. In southern neighbor a Stream is no longer possible. In Germany, the site is currently still online. How long will it stay that way, however, is in the stars.

blocked website? How can stream anyway

Since lockout for on the agenda, the website refers now to alternative Internet addresses. So let brand new films, series and documentaries stream in the following domains:

  • http://Kinox.TV
  • http://Kinox.AM
  • http://Kinox.NU
  • http://Kinox.PE

See all sites visually the same as the original, and feature all content that is also found on Besides recommend the provider of the site to use the Google public DNS server or alternatively one or VPNs or a free Tor Browser – all tools around the net to move anonymously. diverted stream to alternative domains. (Screenshot:

Are there any legal consequences for users?

The general view streaming movies or series currently not treated as criminal offenses. It is argued that no copies are made on your own computer for the pure streaming, which would represent the actual infringement. No cases are known, at least in Germany, where it came to warning users of the portal. no drastic penalties to be expected – even if the legal situation should change in the future, be well – unlike a few years ago when illegal file sharing. As a precedent the warning of Redtube users who are currently still not fully understood apply here. In the worst case, to be expected in a warning at around 150 euro cost of the lawyer and the costs of the damage. that would be around 10 euros cinema or cost per film.