So find and you sent with the iPad, iPhone & Android WhatsApp funny videos

So find and you sent with the iPad, iPhone & Android WhatsApp funny videos

Sharing is caring! But where and how do you find funny WhatsApp Videos and how can you share it? Now make smart and sweeten the day friends! Despite the takeover by Facebook in February 2014 – WhatsApp Messenger in Germany, the app is absolutely. Although there is no specific application for the iPad, so you can use the service with a few tips and advice on Apple’s popular tablet. Here you can download the matching app WhatApp iPad. But just to share with the app short text messages and vacation photos, the application is much too good. With a little research on the net and a few clicks to use – regardless of whether one uses WhatsApp now on the iPad, iPhone or Android devices – you can find videos in a snap funny WhatsApp and send.

Thus one finds funny WhatsApp Videos

The net is full of funny videos that are worthy to be shared via WhatsApp. Although there are some mobile sites that specialize in WhatsApp videos, for example, but basically you can divide each video that was uploaded to YouTube or other video sites, with a few clicks through WhatsApp. So the question is still: How and where to find funny videos? The answer depends no doubt on the kind of humor that you preferred. be Satire fans – if it should be German language content – certainly on the YouTube channel of satire site The postilion find. Young vegetables, Medieval and young at heart Late Middle Ages will surely find something to Buzzfeed. But the world’s largest conglomeration of curiosities is probably whose Motte “The Front Page of the Internet” may be more apt than you might think at first. called in different categories, Subreddits, you can, for example, view the most popular / most controversial / ascending Videos ( Under there is anything that is fun, not just videos.

3 sites with witty videos that can be shared via WhatsApp

  • YouTube channel of satire site The postilion:
  • Buzzfeed (
  • Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet: (

So you sent funny videos with the Messenger App

Basically, it’s easy to share funny videos WhatsApp – easily copy the link of the video and paste it into the field for the text message, send it – done! It’s even easier if you send the video through the YouTube app. In that case, you can share the video with only four clicks. Top right is the Share icon. Clicking on the icon will open a new dialog box, and you can among the various services, select WhatsApp. Then you only have to click to WhatsApp contact and confirm the shipment. funny WhatsApp Videos share funny videos about WhatsApp YouTube app1 .: share icon click > Select 2 .: WhatsApp > choose 3 .: the desired recipient > 4 .: “Send” button.