DriveNow App

With the DriveNow App the car-sharing service in addition to the German cities of Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Munich can be used in Copenhagen, London, Sweden, Stockholm and Vienna and across countries.

be mobile with the DriveNow app in major European cities

To use these services to DriveNow, the installation of the app is not necessary, useful for locating a free car but immensely. In addition, users of the service can get 15 minutes free a car twice. Who wants to use DriveNow but must advance to meet a few formalities:

  • First, future users will need to register with the provider. For this one-time registration fee of 29 €.
  • Following the DriveNow customer card must - so to speak, the car key - will be picked up in one of the numerous registration stations. These driver's license, ID card and debit or credit card should be kept ready for registration. all individuals can register with a minimum age of 21 years who are in possession of a valid driving license in Germany for at least one year without interruption.

DriveNow app Find the DriveNow app comfortable cars and book

The benefits of DriveNow:

Registered users have access to a large fleet of premium cars of BMW, MINI and Sixt. All vehicles are regularly maintained, equipped with modern equipment and climate control. As early as 24 cents per minute of service can be used. The cost insurance, gas or electricity and parking fees are included. Here, the car can be driven as long as desired and parked almost anywhere in the business district again, as there are no fixed rental locations.

The benefits of the app at a glance

With the DriveNow app is free cars can easily find and manage trips straightforward.

  • find desired car easily and quickly.
  • Reserve DriveNow car with a touch and open per app.
  • Twice for 15 minutes free of charge the right car reservations.
  • Overview of recent outings and bills the last six months.
  • Uncomplicated Shopping DriveNow packages.
  • The car can be opened instead of the map also via app.
  • The car radar logs when users are near a car.

As an alternative to app customers can use the service also via PC or telephone to complete.