Jago has a fairly good implementation of the classic board game Go. The freeware can be used as a surface for GnuGo and as a client for several Go servers on the Internet. Dating from Asia game of Go is played with lenticular black and white stones that are placed on the connection points of the lines of a playing field. Both players try to edge with their own stones as large as possible areas and to gain a larger share of territory than the opponent. Client functions for multiple servers are pre-configured in Jago. In this way the board game friend can take quite comfortable to a game of Go against like-minded people from around the world. New server configurations can be added. Jago also allows replay of Go games. These are stored either in standard format or SGF as XML files and loaded. The freeware provides multiple game modes to choose from. Certain stones or fields can be selected. On request, the Go-friend can view the train numbers on the counters.