Spectacular Winamp Visualization for free download

Spectacular Winamp Visualization for free download

Winamp can play more than just music. The freeware player turns the PC into a virtual disco with stunning visuals to the music – an extension makes it possible.

Winamp Visualization: In time to the music

To enhance a party visually, the use of visualization offers. With these add-ons to extend its Media Player. Then shoot beams of light across the screen and are generated 3D characters – all in time to the music. The included with Winamp visualizations show the possibilities, but are maxed out right this only with external visualizations.

Professional Winamp Visualization

the free R4 Visualizer burns down the rhythm of the music a real eye fireworks on the screen. It contains about 200 3D scenes and 15 graphic effects that are played alternately. However, some precautions should be taken before using:

  • Download R4 Visualizer and install it. Windows 7 Select audio source

  • You must then select the audio recording device to the stereo mix or a similar sound input, with the "all what the PC reproduces" is recorded. In Windows 7, click the right mouse button on the speaker icon and Recorders. Click the right mouse button on a free white space (no entry) and hook Show Disabled Devices from. Click the Stereomix-Entry (the name may vary individually) and select As standard. Then apply with OK.

  • Now call Winamp and start a song. Run the R4 Visualizer from the Start menu. With the ESC and Toggle Full Screen takes you to the full screen mode. So you set up in a short time an optimum optical soundtrack for your party. Have fun with the PC disco and dance the night away at. R4 Visualizer R4 Visualizer_1 R4 Visualizer_2

  Spectaculaire visualisation pour Winamp tĂ©lĂ©chargement gratuit