Of the Videomizer download helps users of automated optimization of their video recordings. The virtual film studio brings with little effort the most of slightly wayward clips.

Videomizer download using a comprehensive range of pre-defined output profiles

Among other things Videomizer care of better white balance, color saturation and sounds as well as the cut-off ratio. In addition, the video editing corrects slight blurring and fog or gray haze, which is manifested by the weather in the movies. Friends own moving images also offers Videomizer a special treat: Analog to photography created the helper HDR videos with very high dynamic range, and with only one image per unit time.

Rounding Videomizer by a wide range of pre-defined output profiles for players such as iPod, iPad or PSP. By means of a batch does the shareware his duties for any number of clips in one go.

Videomizer download

Limitations of Videomizer

The trial is three days functional. This trial period can be extended by another seven days by free registration at the manufacturer.