APK Extractor

With the free APK Extractor App Users are able to extract the files of apps. The so-called APKs let in this way easy save as a backup or to share.

APK Extractor app: expert APK files

Behind Android applications stuck usually APK files. These APKs are not tied to any particular device compared to iOS applications, but can be installed on any smartphone models and brands. Assuming the mobile phone has the Android operating system. One can compare the APK file containing a zip file. So, these are also to an archive file that provides all the ingredients for the app. If the user is downloading directly from their smartphone apps he rarely comes in contact with it. However, if you want to use an app not only on a device that can extract the APK and move to a secondary device. Who does not trust new versions of apps can also return at any time by securing the APK to the older version. The extract is also useful if you want to pass the app. Exactly for this task of APK Extractor is responsible.

APK Extractor App

Thus the APK Extractor works

The Extractor can be installed on all devices running Android version 4.0 and can start work immediately afterwards. Advantage: Compared to many other tools of its kind, it does not require root access. Also, previous experience is not necessary.

So come users who himself previously had nothing to do with APK files on his hat, with the app great deal. The APK Extractor app acts in principle as App Drawer. It lists all available apps on the device clearly. Who does not want to scroll through the list, is the search function faster. the user can the app from which you want to extract the APK now, or make a selection. The tool will start immediately with the extraction. If necessary, the user can also select multiple or all apps. For this, simply long press an entry.

APK Extractor app functions

Save and export the APKs

Extracted files are stored by the helper usually on the SD card of the device. The user then finds the APKs behind the following path: / sdcard / ExtractedApks /. When storing the files are titled according to a certain scheme. The file name then transmits this form: AppName_AppPaket_AppVersionName_AppVersionCode.apk.

APK Extractor app store

Limits of the File Manager Downloads

The Extractor app can handle almost all apps and can extract the APK. And internal system applications are no problem for the helper. However, there is a limit to prevent the illegal transfer of paid apps. So the license is often compared to Google's servers, creating a duplicate installation is impossible. The exceptions are devices that are connected via the same account with Google.