3D Morris Prof

3D Morris Prof simulates the popular board game mill on the PC. In five levels of difficulty, the player joins the freeware to on a three-dimensional game board against the computer. The gameplay of 3D Morris Prof adheres to the original: The goal is to close as many mills as possible. Mills are constituted by three juxtaposed in a line pieces. Who closes a mill must take a tile down an opponent off the board. Eventually lost, the player who at the end only two stones or can not move his stones. The game stages in 3D Morris Prof range from "very easy" to "unbeatable", An authentic physics engine and flawless audio sounds complete the freeware. With 3D Morris Prof friends of board games can play the famous mill-game on the computer without human counterpart. Another advantage of the freeware: After the end of a gaming session you do not put away the board and the mill stones separately in the digital version.