Who its long-term delete Picasa Web Albums want the synchronization should issue with your phone! read now how to do it!

Picasa is a known image management program, which is offered as a free software since the purchase of Google in of 2004. You can download Picasa for free here. The Photo Manager is well suited due to its simple structure and handling for beginners. In addition to the active support for archiving and management of images, the tool also has some image editing features on board. Since 2006, also is a web service that offered the Picasa Web Albums so-called. There Photos can be stored online and made accessible from anywhere. However, the use rights from Google to the pictures can be considered critical. Who therefore clear its Picasa Web Albums and wishes no further synchronization with your phone, you should follow the instructions below. delete Picasa Web Albums(Image: Google / Editorial)

delete Picasa Web Albums and protect privacy

Who uses the Web Albums Picasa should be aware that Google will automatically receive permission to use the images for the marketing of its services. In the terms of use that has been formulated as follows: delete Picasa Web Albums Terms of Use(Image: Google / Editorial)Who does not agree to these conditions, should remove his pictures from the web album. However, a real deleting the account will only work if you delete their Google Account. This also means that all other services of the Internet giants such as Gmail, Drive or Google Calendar are no longer available. Therefore, only the photos from the Picasa is recommended to delete Albums and to prevent further synchronization with a smartphone in the second step.

delete Picasa online content and Web Albums

To remove all photos and albums in Picasa Web Albums, this page should first be called. There, the user logs in with their Google Account, there's e-mail address and password. delete Picasa Web Albums Album selection(Image: Google / Editorial)In the second step, the album is selected, which is to be removed. Who wants to delete all the albums, begins just at at any. Unfortunately there is no way to erase all the albums in one go. If the user is in the particular album, commands are listed above the photos. There, click Actions and select the option Delete album from the dropdown menu. Google now again asks if you're sure you want to delete the album. Here confirm with OK. delete Picasa Web Albums option(Image: Google / Editorial) If you want to delete all Picasa Web Albums has a cumbersome way to go. Thus, this sequence of steps must now be repeated for each album.

disable synchronization with the mobile phone

So do not go unnoticed new pictures end up in the web album, synchronization with your phone should be turned off. Thus, the web album remains empty even permanently. For this, the user first goes to his mobile device in the settings and click there on accounts & Synchronization. There, the area of ​​the Google Accounts will be selected. Within the account settings all possible synchronizations are enumerated, for example, with the contacts or calendar. delete Picasa Web Albums Phone settings(Screenshot: Editorial)At the bottom of the list of images manager Picasa can be found. The check mark now remove and synchronization is disabled. In this way, the user sure that the Picasa Web Albums are deleted in the long term and remain. delete Picasa Web Albums Sync(Screenshot: Editorial)