Plex Media Server

Of the Plex Media Server Download provides the media files on the network and on request via the Internet. The freeware allowing the playback of data stored on the home PC or NAS songs, videos and photos as well as streams from online channels such as YouTube directly on the server, or to the associated Plex Media Center and the relevant Plex app for mobile devices.

Plex Media Server Download: DLNA server for Windows or NAS

Plex Media Server is on the host computer or network attached storage (network attached storage, in short: NAS) installed in your own network. In the download area can be found next to the Plex Media Server for Windows installations for the following systems:

  • QNAP
  • ReadyNAS Intel 4.x
  • ReadyNAS Intel 6.x
  • unRAID
  • Synology
  • ASUSTOR 32- / 64-bit
  • Drobo 5NAll available media, the free DLNA Server for Windows ready for playback on different devices if Windows PC, Apple Mac or iPhone, Android and Windows Phone or Chromecast. What sounds complicated, thankfully, is quite easy in practice. The setup wizard guides users get started. Here you select the appropriate category first film, TV series, home video, music or photo and then selects an associated folder on the hard disk.

Plex Media Server Download

The reading is quite fast vonstatten, but may take a while, of course, especially for large music or movie collections. After the scan, the scanned media are immediately available for playback. Practical: a option to automatically update the library can be activated via the settings. Land so new music or movies in an already added folders on the disk, they are added directly to the appropriate collection. In addition to data stored on the disk media of the integrated UPnP Server for Windows also numerous online channels of Apple Movie trailers and CNN to Soundcloud, Vimeo or YouTube. To do this simply adds a new channel and click on More under All Available plugins. The DLNA / UPnP Server is administered entirely through the browser and provides ease of use, despite far-reaching possibilities. For beginners a simple configuration mode is available, enable streaming professionals on the Advanced button, the advanced configuration details. So user control here, for example, the transmission quality of videos about to videos for iPhone & to transfer Co. in reduced quality. In addition, is regulated and is centrally located, whether and from which database information such as title, tags and cover art, or even subtitles, automatically loaded from the Internet. In addition, a standing automatic synchronization with iPhoto and iTunes on the functional agenda. For the release of media over the Internet to register a paid PlexPass the manufacturer is necessary.

Plex Media Server Download Server Setup

hear or by the UPnP server music watch movies and photos

All the added media are now either over the network in the Plex Media Center ready or can alternatively be viewed directly on the server. In this way the Plex Media Server is download not only as DLNA server, but also as a smart media management and audio / video player. So it saves also happen to be downloading a free audio player other from our catalog. On the Plex home the most recently added songs and movies are automatically sorted to the top and presented by default chic included cover. Who likes the somewhat clearer, but can also switch to the list view here. To the left is available direct access to scale collections, so streaming channels like Soundcloud or YouTube, movies, music or playlists. In each collection, we opt here for movies, Plex lists then first on all media contained. Alternatively, by folder, new releases, recently added or viewed movies, and the Find window to jump directly to your desired entry. but more precisely it goes through filters. In the sidebar on the left the sorts previously seen films, release date, rating, quality and duration are already integrated, by clicking on New Filter numerous other still available here. To add movies to a playlist that you want are simply marked and inserted into a playlist from the toolbar to the left of the sidebar. There are, incidentally, still more practical functions such as joining an element mark, as seen / unseen or paste into a collection.

Plex Media Server Download Collections

Ease of Use in considerable functional diversity The manufacturer slogan "If it has a screen, Plex will probably work on it." can already suspect: The free Plex Media Server Download provides short one Worry-free solution for playing all types of media on all available devices. The freeware scores with very easy handling in numerous detail features that describe all in detail would take forever. And on top lure for registration of a fee-Plex pass yet more goodies like multi-user control, automatic download of trailers and other additional content to stored media, media sync with mobile devices, automatic upload to the cloud and wireless photo-sync with tablets and digital cameras , The modern design remains, despite the long list of features pleasant and well structured, which applies both to the DLNA server, as well as media management and player / viewer. Although the Plex Media Server runs completely in the browser, everything works very smoothly and fast. As "receiving station" for the Plex Media Server Plex Media Center serves. There is also the related apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone and Google's Chromecast find.