Using this trick, read the Windows 10 Key

Using this trick, read the Windows 10 Key

Windows read 10 Key and so come to the serial number of the operating system. here’s how it goes!

After the upgrade or download from Windows 10 you do not come easily to the product key – so it goes anyway!

With these tools, Windows read 10 Key

Without the help of you, however, does not come to the key to the operating system. But there are three free tools that do the work for you:

1. The Windows Product Key Finder: The all-rounder

Our first tool with which you can read the Windows 10 Key is the free Windows Product Key Finder. With him can not be the product key of the operating system to read, but also those of all other Microsoft programs – such as the Office package. Unfortunately, the installation is something hakelig here because automatically toolbars and other unwanted offers can end up on the computer. Here, read during the installation process accurately and remove the tick for all unwanted options. If this hurdle is achieved, the freeware but reliably indicates the keys of all installed applications.

Windows read 10 KeyWindows read 10 Key with Windows Product Key Finder (Screenshot: editorial)

Click here to download the Windows Product Key Finder.

2. The Windows Product Key Viewer: The Tiny

Immediately after installation of the tiny tools that scours the computer on which it was installed after Windows product keys. Users have to do was wait until a pop-up window will appear in which the Windows looking displays 10 Key. More can not the free tool. There is not only very small and resource-efficient, but also operates more than reliable.

  reparatie en herstel van Windows 10 - Hier is hoe!

Windows 10 Key read Windows Product Key ViewerSmall but nice is the Windows Product Key Viewer therefore. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Click here to download the Windows Product Key Viewer.

3. LicenseCrawler: The portable version

The tool’s most functional is the free LicenseCrawler. besides a quick search and the support of all Windows versions, the tool also provides a portable and network-enabled solution, even to go without installing the software key. The application is very simple. Immediately after starting the utility all relevant locations are listed. After the desired selection, all serial numbers found are displayed simply via Copy & Paste can be copied into a text document and saved.

Windows read 10 Key LicenseCrawlerThe license Crawle works also from a USB stick. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Click here to download the License crawler.

But whoever comes thanks to the software and its portable applications on dubious idea was, however, warned:

The application on remote computers is punishable

No matter which of the three tools are accessed: Only on the PC are allowed to read the Windows 10 Key. Spying on the product key from remote computers, however, is illegal and should be avoided if you do not want to reckon with a hefty penalty.