In the free Best Fiends app brave gamers minutia need to get rid of a pesky slugs-Plage. After the tried and true Match-3 principle the game combines an existing levels of innumerable puzzle adventure with RPG elements and cute 3D graphics and story.

Bogeyman in the Best Fiends app: slugs

One or the other might be a little on to stumble on the first reading of the name Best Fiends. A clerical error it still is not a question of best friends are also not wanted. Users are in the Android app hasten the residents of minutia to help. The once living in peace people were surprised one night by a meteor impact. This was driven into lumber mount, having transformed by a supernatural force all living there slugs into strange monsters. They now have kidnapped the innocent families of Best Fiends. the player's chief task is now to free the family from captivity and defeat the slugs.

Best Fiends app

Best Fiends combines match-3 principle and RPG

The developers of the Finnish company Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. unite in the Best Fiends app two game genres: RPG and puzzle. As already known from Jewels, Candy Crush and Co., the player must bring objects in a series of the usual match-3 style. At Best Fiends Android are the leaves, plants, fruits and vegetables that make great symbol chains must be made possible. The first levels are relatively simple case, however, the difficulty increases tremendously fast. So therefore, the app comes with certain tasks per level, which must be completed successfully within a specified number of moves. For example, 25 symbols (e.g., fungi, leaves or flowers) are collected and four slugs to be destroyed in a limited number of moves.

Best Fiends app gameplay

Puzzle with character development

The more level the user in Best Fiends Android completed, the more characters he gets unlocked. Among the more recent copies of the frog can grab by collecting stickers counts. In addition, the Android app sends new Krabbelkäfer into the race.The player enlarged in this way not only be insect-team, he can provide the individual residents with special powers and abilities. so the game allows upleveln, as is known from role-playing games. For this, users need to collect, collect, collect primarily.