The Settlers Online

The name already suggests: The Settlers Online brings building classics from Germany in free form in the browser. Naturally, the online version ranges from the house UbiSoft in terms of graphics and complexity not quite to the stationary version of The Settlers approach, but still makes a lot of fun. The gameplay should provide settlers fans are no big surprises: Little by little to build on his small plot in The Settlers Online, various outbuildings, in which raw materials mined and processed. Fischer and Co. make the diet sure armory and soldiers provide security and conquer new settlement area ... High Wimmelfaktor, despite browser-based fine-drawn graphics and a still unmatched depth of the game: The Settlers is Online a truly successful implementation of the bustling construction -Strategy. The trick: Since the game is not permanently connected to the servers, but only periodically synchronizes with this, also a rather feeble DSL line no real problem Who does something like less fidgety, should take a look at Travian. which we also offer for download.