Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher

the free Wireless Network Watcher Download provides information about which devices are currently connected to the own wireless network. Here, the freeware but not limited to computer.

Wireless Network Watcher Download: See all PCs in the network

Whether PC, mobile phone, MP3 player or other wireless devices: Wireless Network Watcher finds them and presents them in a clear list including IP address, name, MAC address and description Schick is that the search is not on. must limit its own subnet, but can also be extended to other subnets. If that nothing says that does not need to. Who has understood this, the interested perhaps limiting the wireless scans on 4,096 IP addresses (16 subnets) in favor of a rapid implementation.

Wireless Network Watcher Downloadcan download easily view all devices on the WLAN with the Wireless Network Watcher. (Picture: Nirsoft)

Wireless Network Watcher makes its services very quickly and requires no installation. With the additional German language file, the user can miss the small, free tool a German language interface. Simply copy the language file in the program folder. Practical and thanks to the advanced search in multiple subnets superior to the information of the router: The free Wireless Network Watcher answered the question of who surfs in their own WLAN and more.

It can even set a warning, which alerts you to new devices in the WLAN. Including scroungers can be exposed quickly.

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