Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Manual

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Manual

For inexperienced newcomers to the world of smartphones is Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Manual an indispensable busboy. In the 135-page book the popular smartphone is presented in all its facets, from the declaration of individual buttons on the Answering an incoming call to tip and tricks for advanced users. In the manual everything is what one GT-19195 need to know about the Galaxy S4 alias.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini manual thematically divided into 10 parts

Manuals’s long in electronic form. In our specific category you can free download numerous manuals, user guides and e-books on various topics, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini manual. Divided is the Manual for the Galaxy S4 in ten clear areas each having up to twelve subsection.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Manual

It starts – according to the basic Handbook information and explaining important note symbols that meet the readers of the manual again and again – a schematic illustration that shows the various connections and control buttons of the front and back, so for example, where the lens is for the front camera, the on and off button, the home button, the menu button and more.

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Hints for reduced battery consumption of the S4-guide in the first part

The first part of the first steps will explain how to insert the battery, SIM or USIM card or a memory card, what you should consider when charging the battery, and how to reduce power consumption (for example, by activating the sleep mode, the manual reduction of brightness of the screen or disable various features like Bluetooth, GPS, or Wi-Fi.

What do the icons in the menu

In the second part of the manual for the Galaxy S4 mini, Basic functions, initially the various display symbols are described that can appear on the touch screen, as for example, the symbols for the verscheidenen connection types such as GPRS, UMTS EDGE, HSDPA, or the icon for the signal strength for missed calls, the silent mode, vibration mode or the activated alarm. That one should not press too hard a touch screen, is also described in the second part.

, Served as adding new contacts to the address book and apps Tip

In the third part, communication, particularly useful for many inexperienced newcomers question is answered, how to actually makes the S4 mini calls or answer the phone or rejects. How to add new contacts to the address book is also explained here. The various Internet and network technologies, including NFC and Bluetooth are discussed in the fourth part of the manual, followed by notes and detailed instructions for the different media functions, individual apps and utilities such as the Play Store, Play Music, S Memo, or Dropbox , Notes on basic settings and safety information can be found the last part of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini manual.

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