Hide.me VPN Client

Who wants to be on the road in the network safely and undetected, should use a VPN. These virtual private networks establish a secure connection between the host device and a server before it goes on from there. After this Hide.me VPN Client Download Numerous servers in the world available to the users of Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.

Hide.me VPN Client DownloadWith a VPN access to surf anonymously and protected.

Hide.me VPN Client Download

The advantages of a virtual private network are obvious: you surf anonymously and can thus protect against surveillance and data theft. Also, the location and identity remain secret because the IP address is obscured by going through a server, which in turn is useful for the benefit of global services that are banned elsewhere in Germany or wherever you currently are. Due to its 29 server locations in America, Europe and Asia Hide.me provides it a great choice.

To make the user as simple as possible, the developers eVenture clients available for various operating systems. Of course, the VPN connections can also be manually set to the client, however, especially inexperienced users can save many complicated steps.

Hide.me VPN Client Download AndroidOn the Android version is enough simply connecting to the service - in the free version without registration.

Clients for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS

The VPN providers around the Hide.me client download supports all modern VPN protocols: IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP and Softether - either with AES-256 encryption. Thus, the company is one of the few providers with such a wide variety.

The free Android app supports developed for mobile data connections IKEv2 protocol and is available for Android devices from version 4.0. The network does not have to be complicated set up, it is sufficient to install the app and tap Activate connection. The fastest server is automatically selected. If the connection should be interrupted, it is automatically reconnected. The free-standing users 500 MB of data available

The situation is similar with the iOS app for iPhone and iPad. Here you have to do is to register with an e-mail address. There are also 2 GB of data included. The iOS app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher.

Hide.me VPN Client Download MacOSClean the user can navigate through the MacOS version of the client.

Unlike the iOS app the MacOS app requires no registration. It is enough just start to Free Trail to click. The app will automatically connect on request at startup. And because of the kill switch function, the IP address remains veiled when it comes to being disconnected because all outbound connections are blockert. In addition to IP leaks, the program also protects against DNS leaks. The MacOS app works on MacOS 10.9.

Even the Hide.me VPN client download for Windows is free. The compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 program comes along with easy connection and automatic server selection and reconnection. As with the MacOS version can be set up to connect directly from system startup and the kill switch is available and the computer and the user are protected from IP and DNS leaks.

On Linux machines to Hide.me can incidentally also set up, but it must be done manually - a Hide.me VPN client download is not.

Hide.me VPN Client Download Windows MacOSThe Windows version of the client also comes very tidy therefore.

Advantages of the client

The Hide.me client download also comes with complete privacy according to developers. Accordingly, in Hide.me it does not store data, creates no logs and never looks at only the transmitted data. All this is technically impossible alleging developers due to the construction of VPNs. The client is also designed so that the bandwidth when browsing is not or only slightly restricted. There is also the service for free. Here, however, one must reckon with restrictions such as limited data volume, and fewer servers. Who wants to use the VPN service without restriction must buy access. This is monthly, but annually. More free VPN tool for anonymity, we have provided in our download database.

In the video will once again explained how the VPN principle works: