For years, the Adobe InDesign Download is the reference in terms of Desktop Publishing **. From simple flyers extensive print projects to professional EPUB eBook can be implemented with the DTP professionals the most sophisticated layouts.

Download Adobe InDesign for professionals in terms of layout and DTP

However, especially beginners do not reach with just a few clicks the desired result. Adobe InDesign Download addressed in terms of functionality and handling more akin to professionals in the field layout and DTP. New in the CC version, for example, a generator for QR barcodes, and a quick look for fonts. Also at the performance Adobe has filed, what should give more speed to the designer.

make catalogs and brochures with Adobe InDesign

The layout and typesetting program Adobe InDesign was originally developed by Aldus and rebuilt after the takeover by Adobe as a competitor to QuarkXPress. It is the successor to Adobe PageMaker, who also hails from Aldus and was acquired by Adobe. Adobe InDesign is mainly used by graphic designers and advertising agencies and printers and publishers for the professional newspaper and magazine production. With the layout program, catalogs, brochures, leaflets and posters can be perfectly designed and manufactured. The software supports the layout in the allocation of pages and sheets and also comes with eingebundener music as well as videos and Flash animations best deal.

Data import from QuarkXPress and PageMaker

InDesign works with other Adobe products, so as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash, well together. Even when data is imported from other layout applications, the software is very cooperative. Thus QuarkXPress files can 4.x to version and upload PageMaker files from version 6 and continue editing.

Adobe InDesign Download

Layouts with InDesign for tablets and smartphones

Should be noted, the expanded and enhanced features for digital publishing and the issue of a design for various devices and purposes remains at this point, therefore. Who wants to leave his example layouts not only print, but also to spend on smartphones or tablets, is well advised with the Adobe InDesign download. By the way: Who still uses the CS6 version of InDesign, generates individual tool palettes using the free Adobe Configurator. Numerous other programs in the field "layout & DTP" for free download can be found in our software catalog.