Is the fantasy epic Game of Thrones on Netflix Available as a stream? This question many Netflix customers. We reveal when and where the Game of Thrones Stream is already having and all the details and background to 6 more also for Game of Thrones Season Here!

Is Game of Thrones available at Netflix stream?

The critically-acclaimed and commercially successful TV series "game of Thrones" based on the bestseller by George R. R. Martin. The American fantasy television series was produced by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for the American cable network HBO. So far, five exciting seasons are available, the Serienjunkies can enjoy around the world via TV or streaming. Soon, there is also the GoT Season 6. The big question is: Can Game of Thrones fans watch their favorite series using the Netflix app? Unfortunately, the answer is "No"! However, there are other ways to bring the Game of Thrones streams on their own screen.

Game of Thrones NetflixGame of Thrones on Netflix? Unfortunately, Daenerys Targaryen are & there can not be seen Co.. (Picture: HBO / Editorial)

Game of Thrones at Amazon and max cathedrals

Who Game of Thrones studied in max cathedrals will find it here. All five seasons are at max cathedrals on offer. However, falling for the retrieval of a season is currently at a cost of 22.99 €. Not cheap, it is also when the fantasy friend Game of Thrones streams on Amazon Video. The Complete 5th Games of Thrones Season for example, costs EUR 27.99 proud on Amazon Video. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime customers can not access Game of Thrones on Amazon.

RTL II shows Game of Thrones on free TV

The premiere of Game of Thrones on 17 April 2011. HBO. The German-language premiere was on November 2, 2011. TNT series. In the pay-TV rights Fantasy series are in this country continues on TNT (TNT series) and on Sky Germany (Sky Atlantic). On free TV, however, RTL II Game of Thrones may bring to the screen. In February 2016 there were all five seasons in a few weeks directly after each other in the program. In this marathon broadcast, however, some episodes were shortened for classification as G-12 due to the many violent scenes. After all, you could see II night program of the next day the episodes in the original version in RTL.

Will there be in the future Game of Thrones on Netflix?

Back to the question of why Game of Thrones is still not to be had on Netflix. After all, it is one of the great series highlights and many a Netflix customer has even set up his account to enjoy such blockbuster. Netflix now produces its own TV series and is a direct competitor to HBO when streaming business. Both companies are jockeying hard for the rights to the new series, such as recently "Making a Murderer"Which secured Netflix. As long as there should be no big surprise at the streaming market, Netflix and HBO remain competitors, Game of Thrones will therefore not be available on Netflix in the future.

The 15 best Game of Thrones Quotes

The 15 best Game of Thrones Quotes

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Trailer of the Game of Thrones Season 6

The Game of Thrones Season 6 will be broadcast from April 24, 2016 in the English-speaking area. The sixth season is not based on the original book, but also brings content from the unpublished novel "The Winds of Winter" and elements from the fourth and fifth novel. The Game of Thrones Season 6 aired in Germany since 25 April 2016 respectively by 21 pm on Sky Atlantic in the pay-TV and comes in early 2017 on RTL 2 on free TV.