Cinema Cast app

With the Cinema Cast app can all films that are available on (illegally) play on the phone or via Chromecast.

All blockbuster with the movie Cast app to stream is one of the most popular sites in Germany. No wonder: Leave here but all current watch movies for free as well as absolute classics or series from nearly every decade. The blockbuster series and highlights are not hosted on the site, but only by way of links to various providers. Usually it gives them several so almost every title is always available. Mostly can be played in the original version or in the German dubbing. The movie Cast app now brings the entire range of the page on mobile devices or through Chromecast to your TV.

Cinema Cast appCinema Cast app

Simple operation and straightforward filter

Who wants to call via the browser of a mobile device, quickly reaches its limits. As varied as the offer of the streaming portal may be, on usability rather little has been added to no value. What is more manageable on the PC, is on the phone to a pure game of patience. Here, the app provides a remedy and scores with an optimized mobile devices surface. The search on the text box is greatly facilitated by automatic suggestions, the categories help you quickly find the latest movies and series. In addition, the app Supports for DivxStage, NowVideo,, Sockshare and streaming cloud offers.

Is that Streamining about the movie Cast App legal?

No! As tempting as the offer to also see current movies for free, it is and remains a rough violation of copyright law. For this reason, the operator of the site does not make the movies on their site online, but only link them. Also users commit copyright infringement as such. Currently not (yet) a legal gray area can be used. The reason is that users of such streaming services are currently not warned, is the peculiarity of streaming. Copyright infringement is - at least for now - only present when a copy of the work is created. To watch episodes and movies on cinema cast, but no copy is necessary because the title will not be downloaded. Even when streaming a temporary file is created, however - as the name suggests - only for a certain period. Right now, the courts see it as no copy in the proper sense. How long will however still be the case, however, remains to be seen, as this video shows.