Microsoft Office Starter 2023

Microsoft Office Starter

With the Microsoft Office Starter Download Users to download a free version of the Office suite of software giant from Redmond to the computer. For the unbeatable price you however small limitations in terms of scope and functions as well as discreet advertisements in the program windows must accept. But that can certainly live!

Microsoft Office Starter Download: “Fast” completely

As has been shown, is the Light version of the Office suite actually not so easy as you initially suspected. The package contains the main elements and features that you would expect from other programs for word processing – writing, arithmetic, creating lists, and so of course everything in it. Besides Word and Excel Starter version has many other helpers in tow. In detail, these are:

  • Microsoft Clip Organizer
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Center
  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  • Microsoft Office Starter To-Go Device Manager

Microsoft Office Starter DownloadMicrosoft Office Starter Download as light version of the Office suite (Photo: Microsoft / Editorial)

Especially last-mentioned program turns out to be extremely useful feature. It installs a portable version of Office Starter on USB flash drives and makes the Office programs so independent and mobile. With only two clicks, the to-go version can then be used on any computer. After inserting the USB stick simply click the Office .exe file, choose between Excel and Word, and away you go. The also contained in the Microsoft Office Starter Download Clip Organizer, however, manages media files such as pictures, drawings of various formats, but also audio and video in the form of collections. He also brings a wide range of clipart on the computer.

  Imprimante d'images gratuit

Microsoft Office Starter Download Picture ManagerPicture Manager with basic image editing tools (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

The Picture Manager in turn works as a mix of image viewer and editor with basic image editing tools. Finally, the Upload Center makes useful as administrator for the transfer of Office files on the web server.

Starter compromise: Missing features – for Advertising

According to Microsoft, both Word and Excel can be restrictive miss functions as they are used for example in the commercial and scientific field. The missing features are in detail to the comments, macros and tables of contents. So actually features without which one can live wonderfully in private use.

Two tiny downsides

Two small caveats are in fact to be noted. Thus, the free version, of course, somewhere at a price – just in a different way. For one, Microsoft has built a special area for advertising. On this strip then sites run by the manufacturers themselves and other advertisements in the 45-second clock. But unlike many other banners and advertising formats that are known from the network, these are very subtle and hardly noticeable. So the advertisement can cope in any case.

Microsoft Office Starter Download AdvertisingMicrosoft Office Starter with discreet advertising (Photo: Microsoft / Editorial)

The other small hook refers to the installation of the program, but even that is a fact that you can not bear. The Office Starter shows unusual behavior during installation. It starts without one can determine the location and deprives the user so all control. In addition, the program will create a new independent partition that you will get rid of it only by uninstalling the package. Learn more about MSO starter, see the Software Blog. Those who prefer to look for a full-fledged office suite, is here also Microsoft Office, 2013.

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Install starter program on Windows 8

The Microsoft Office Starter Download also makes some problems with Windows 8. Curiously, disappear each tool suite in the depths of the tile system. To find it again, the user proceeds as follows:

  • In Tiles launch window, click the arrow that is located at the bottom
  • Then the user selects by name and then by date of installation.

Now the programs Starter Edition should be visible. Appears when you open a program nor an error message, updates must be performed by Windows initially.