DirectX 11

DirectX 11

Of the DirectX 11 Download as a standard multimedia driver in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 built in, as well as DirectX 12 in Windows 10. Users of the Windows Vista operating system are on request also benefit from the eleventh generation of multimedia component. This promises to process graphics, video and audio afloat so that higher-quality graphics can be seen in games.

DirectX 11 Download: multimedia drivers for Vista users

The multimedia component DirectX acts as an interface between the operating system and games and multimedia titles. DirectX 11 has been released as part of Windows 7. Even with Windows 8.1 DirectX version DirectX 11.2 is already on board and promises of new, demanding games significantly enhanced performance and speed. With an innovative memory management technology, higher resolution textures can be used in games.

Improves performance significantly in the graphics area

Who calls his own no cutting-edge graphics card and does not plan to play graphics rich 3D games that comes even without the DirectX 11 download. Gamers and fans of high-performance Grafix, however, be sure to strike. For DirectX 11 performance in the graphics area improved, for example by relieving the CPU and transfer of 3D surfaces calculations in the graphics card. In addition, physics and artificial intelligence can be calculated according to a uniform standard in GPU, which according to the manufacturer represents a significant speed boost - at least on current graphics cards.

Optimized details in 3D scenes from Games

New in DirectX 11 download are the so-called "Compute Shaders" for GPGPU programming. The level of detail of 3D scenes can be greatly increased without causing a much higher burden on the rest of the system. Also worth mentioning is the optimized thread support of the rendering pipeline. Programmers tickle out the best performance out of existing hardware in this way. According to Microsoft, not only newly programmed games are accelerated, but also current games. Thus the user can benefit from the new features without buying new hardware.

DirectX 11 DownloadDirectX 11 Download: standard multimedia drivers for graphics, video and audio (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

New memory management technology ensures impressive graphics

For an impressive spectacular graphics in 3D games provide the so-called "tiled Resources", The memory management technique uses over the place in the physical graphics card memory also more graphics textures in 3D games. In addition, the shaders are only unpacked as needed, resulting in increased performance when running. Especially when loading the resources when rendering frames and the task switching DirectX 11 over its predecessors clearly in the lead. The high-resolution textures will only be charged when they are needed and viewed by the user.