Deezer is free? This wonder many music lovers who want to use the popular international music streaming service. The answer is that Deezer can be both free and use fee. We explain below, the differences between the two subscription models!

Deezer is available free of charge or not?

Deezer began operations in August 2007 and is currently available in more than 180 countries downloading the Deezer app on the move and wherever you want. Music lovers will enjoy a well-stocked catalog of more than 40 million songs. The offer is funded in part from advertising. Currently Deezer has around 16 million users. Slightly less than half of them paying subscribers who have ordered the Premium + offer for 9.99 euros per month.

Deezer for free with inserted advertising

However Deezer can also be used completely free of charge. Who wants to start such a free Deezer subscription, you must first register on the Deezer website. It can then unlimited music on the PC and tablet, but must from time to accept advertising. In addition, the availability is limited on mobile devices. Free users can use on their smartphone with the free subscription only the function of flow and radio stations. They also listen to music while free subscription exclusively in the standard quality.

Deezer is freeDeezer is free? This is a question many music lovers.

The premium subscription can be tried out for 30 days

Wen annoying advertising or who needs the wireless features, the premium subscription tries out. This is, after all, free for 30 days usable. Only then fall Deezer to the monthly cost of just 10 euros. Very important: the music lover must not bind the long term, but Deezer can already announce for the next month. In the premium subscription music streaming service, of course, dispense with the insertion of advertising. Also, you can access all the titles in high quality and also listen to music offline. Moreover, virtually the opportunity to invest with Deezer favorites and playlists, and offline storage, the personalized radio and the lyrics display.

The free offer is available without time constraints

The conclusion to the question "Deezer is free?"In the ad-supported version of this is the case. The free offer of the streaming service Deezer can be used indefinitely. Only a registration with username, e-mail address and password are required. In addition, age and gender are requested. Who listen to offline music can also do without such a high sound quality and has no objections to on-screen advertising will be able to live with the free version of Deezer certainly good.