WhatsApp pictures appear blurry? Because it is! 2023

WhatsApp pictures appear blurry? Because it is!

Become WhatsApp images blurry displayed on the phone that is not only annoying, but also irreversible – at least in most cases. learn more about blurry photos!

The download WhatsApp for Android or iOS offers numerous amenities users: So let not only text messages but also send videos and pictures for free. But sometimes the system checked:

WhatsApp pictures blurred: This is because it

There are two reasons that WhatsApp images appear blurry Either the image could not be downloaded or it was indeed downloaded but then deleted or moved to another folder. As one proceeds in two cases:

WhatsApp images blurryWhatsApp pictures are displayed blurry, a failed download may be the cause. (Screenshot: WhatsApp / Editorial)

1. The image could not be downloaded

If the transmitted image could not be completely downloaded, it appears only as blurred preview. Mostly this is due to a poor or intermittent connection to the Internet. In this case, you can check the settings of the phone whether mobile data enabled and the flight mode is disabled; where appropriate, you have to re-register for the access to the WLAN. If that does not work, a restart of the device may be able to eliminate the problem. then in most cases it is enough to launch WhatsApp again and click on the arrow placed over the image to repeat the download.

Emerged the phenomenon on a regular basis, that could be due to the personal settings for WhatsApp. In the menu there is the option data usage among the settings. Here, users can determine whether and in which connection type photos, audios, videos or documents to be automatically downloaded. This is especially useful if you only have a limited amount of data and therefore more data (such as video) wants to download only a Wi-Fi connection. Wen it bothers however, that he needs to download photos manually, a check mark should be put behind the point pictures at all connection types.

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WhatsApp images blur data settingWith the right data settings can be solved permanently the problem. (Screenshot: Editorial)

2. The picture has been deleted or is located in a different folder

Occasionally WhatsApp pictures are unclear because they were deleted from the device. In this case, the messenger can not access the file and display them. However, photos can be downloaded only once. Who wants to see the blurred image clear need, ask the sender to send the desired media again. With a little luck you have, however, the image moved to another folder and not deleted completely: Just browse the gallery, looking at the file folder for the photos or – if images are automatically stored in the cloud – they scour for the missing media.

WhatsApp pictures blurred File ManagerWith luck, you will use the file manager lost pictures again. (Screenshot: Editorial)

Tip: So that future photos will not be deleted accidentally, WhatsApp recommends storing the images on an SD card. Of course you can also automatically back up the photos in one of many cloud solutions.