The Aldi Talk Nano SIM is not distributed by default. The quickest way to the smallest of all cards for mobile phone, tablet or internet stick is available here for your perusal!

More and more devices work with tiny SIM cards, the so-called nano-SIMs. In keeping with the modern SIM Card for recent product there is the latest version of the ALDI TALK app download. The software can be managed easily on all devices account as tariff.

Who needs the AldiTalk Nano SIM?

If you switch to nano-SIM can be exploited on the latest devices fare of Aldi. The first smartphone that could be operated with a nano-SIM was the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, changed almost every manufacturer of mobile phones or tablet on the smallest of all SIM cards formats. Users with the following devices need now a Nano SIM:

  • Amazon Fire Phone
  • Apple: iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone6, iPhone 6 plus
  • HTC: One M8, One mini 2, One M9
  • Nokia: Lumia 830, Nokia Lumia 930
  • Samsung: Galaxy S6, S6 Galaxy edge, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy A3, A5 Galaxy, Galaxy Gear S
  • Sony: Xperia ™ Z3, Xperia ™ Z3 Compact

Depending on whether you are a returning customer, or only those who want to, there are two ways to AldiTalk Nano SIM:

1. Existing customers

Who already uses and AldiTalk want to take the tariff to a new device, the Aldi Talk Nano SIM must reorder directly with the provider. Unfortunately, the transition is not enough in the nearest Aldi supermarket from it. But there are two alternative and not uncomfortable ways to get the card free:

  1. Via Internet: Going to the website of the provider appear the options AldiTalk North and Aldi South Talk. After the appropriate selection leads to the actual homepage. However, the menu item SIM swap leads only to the reference that the SIM card must be requested by telephone. Alternatively, you can find - tucked away and at the bottom - under the menu item Help and service option contact. By clicking on this field, the card can simply order via online form.Aldi Talk Nano SIMSo you get the AldiTalk Nano SIM. (Picture: ALDI TALK)
  2. Via Telephone: Alternatively, you can under the billed service number of the provider (0177-1771157), the Aldi Talk Nano SIM phone order. To legitimize itself, an indication of PUK 1 is required.

2. new customers

Starter packages received by default no nano-SIM. Who decides in the business for such a package, so you have to take one of the two variants mentioned above into account. However, if you opt for an order via the Internet, is asked directly by a nano SIM card. Here you just have to check the box and wait until the order arrives home. Usually two to four business days takes.

Aldi Talk Nano SIM New customerapply directly to the starter package the AldiTalk Nano SIM. (Picture: ALDI TALK / Editorial)