WhatsApp birthday greetings: The 50 funniest sayings

WhatsApp birthday greetings: The 50 funniest sayings

Who WhatsApp birthday greetings or SMS decides to send birthday greetings via smartphone or tablet, hereinafter has to choose the best, coolest and funniest sayings about which birthdays are happy for sure. Now copy and send it as WhatsApp Birthday!

The funniest and most audacious sayings for WhatsApp birthday greetings

digital greetings via email, SMS, Facebook or Messenger have now taken the place of good old birthday card by mail. Who wants to be funny birthday greetings on his smartphone or tablet, these exchanges today, of course, primarily via WhatsApp out. After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS suitable birthday sayings to friends, relatives or colleagues can be sent quickly and easily. Most sayings for WhatsApp birthday greetings can be found here: If you are still looking for ideas for the Happy Birthday messages, simply use one of the following text messages.

WhatsApp birthday greetings50 funny and cheeky birthday greetings to choose from. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Copy and paste WhatsApp Birthday – Here’s how!

The funny birthday greetings can be copied fairly straightforward and paste elsewhere to send the sayings via WhatsApp on a smartphone. First, the selected text ends up in the clipboard by the Android user types the desired text passage. He sees two limitations with which the text is highlighted. Now a single click Copy, and the text is in the cache. To insert the WhatsApp birthday greetings in a message, the user taps a little longer on the text box and use Paste. Even the the copied text can be seen at this point.

50 funny WhatsApp birthday greetings

Here are the 50 best WhatsApp get birthday greetings. Something for everyone is, from cute, funny love greeting through to the sassy, ​​humorous saying for older but young at heart birthday children. The awards may also be used as SMS birthday greetings course.

WhatsApp birthday greetings Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday via WhatsApp, sometimes charming, sometimes cheeky! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

  • Happy Birthday! Were you actually very sad when the dinosaurs became extinct?
  • Smart, funny, charming, sexy! And then also birthday! Congratulations!
  • You’ll only be getting old when the candles on the cake cost more than the cake itself!
  • Congratulations: Your best-before date has expired!
  • In that you will times as old as you already look like now. Happy Birthday!
  • If you think this lousy message is the only thing you’ll get from me a happy birthday, you’re not as dumb as you look. Congratulations!
  • A year older, do not take it so hard and get you your faxes, because otherwise you’re an adult. Congratulations!
  • You have to really be something special! Today, tens of millions of people birthday … but I’ve only been thinking about you!
  • Charm, style and old age – at least one of which you have achieved today! Congratulations!
  • You think you’re old? You are not old … last year you were old, now you’re ancient.
  • You think you’re special because it’s your birthday today? Oh nonsense, you’re every day special!
  • You now come in an age in which men / women pay attention to you: They offer you on the bus one place. Happy Birthday!
  • Anything Happy Birthday – how old you’ll actually today? With large numbers I have some difficulties.
  • I almost missed it, that’s your birthday today, yes. Luckily it’s just occurred to me, because all the best of us all. Happy Birthday!
  • Actually I wanted to give you something unique for his birthday. But it just did not fit in here. Therefore, only with words: Congratulations on your birthday!
  • Actually I wanted to give you a pie. But unfortunately I can not bake. That’s why there are only kind words.
  • A year older and wiser still, the Happy Birthday Singing makes me hoarse!
  • It’s great, young, healthy, and be full of energy! Do you still remember?
  • Flupp … This is a mail shooting! It should bring you luck, so close sooooo fast your eyes and make a wish! Happy Birthday!
  • Research indicates that the one who has the most birthdays live the longest. Happy Birthday!
  • Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter, oh no, it’s already that time again, you’ve got birthday. All the best!
  • Birthday? Again – You had only! Do we really need so long to us to recover from your party?
  • WhatsApp birthday greetings You’ll get many, but this case consists of lots of love! Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday Recipe: 5 tablespoons zest, 500g lucky one pound of Health, 100 drops humor! Congratulations!
  • Hi birthday boy! This SMS is only for you. Love, happiness, satisfaction I wish you any time.
  • Hello my darling, I hereby send you a smack! Which is to sweeten you your birthday and you completely loving my regards!
  • Happy Birthday! This message is to bring you the next year good luck and success!
  • Happy Birthday! You’re another year closer to gray hair and the third teeth!
  • Today I woke up, thought of you and as I remembered: Today Your birthday must be. Congratulations!
  • Hopefully you have so much fun on your birthday that you celebrate it annually from now on! Happy Birthday!
  • I hope your birthday wishes come all true. Even if I can be there on your birthday does not, in my heart I celebrate with you!
  • I wish you many small islands of happiness! Warm greetings on your birthday!
  • The older you get, the longer remembers the birthday cake to a torchlight procession.
  • With age, it’s like the wine – the older vintages will be something very special here.
  • Long your birth’s been. But even in old age you all like very much.
  • I read correctly? Are you now really been ..zig? Then I will not waste time and send you my warmest congratulations
  • Dear birthday child! You must not be afraid of getting older have: Gray hair can be dyed!
  • One does not become older but better! Happy Birthday!
  • With every year that know you, too, man grows in wisdom. Drum see it yet so I’ll tell you quietly, you’re not older, but wise.
  • Well you prune, you will always mature and ripe and soon you’re windfalls. Well, that may also still be quite tasty. Happy Birthday!
  • Well, that would be ridiculous, I today would have ‘not thought of you to come up with a warm kind regards to sweeten you your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • After congratulating me is very mute, I congratulate you: Good luck!
  • Not the gift that counts but the love behind it!
  • Do not take it so tragically, the first one hundred years are the hardest!
  • Can you make it to blow out all the candles or I have to get a fire extinguisher?
  • And another year closer to retirement! WhatsApp warm birthday greetings!
  • If someone comes up with the idea to call you old: then hit him with your stick and throw him your teeth afterwards!
  • As you get older three things happen: the memory decreases and ..hmm … the others I’ve forgotten.
  • Happy I wish ‘you, for another 100 years here on earth!

WhatsApp birthday greetings funnySassy and funny WhatsApp send birthday greetings! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)