Microsoft Publisher 2013

Microsoft Publisher 2013

Of the Microsoft Publisher Download comes as a lightweight alternative to desktop publishing tools such as InDesign or CorelDRAW Graphics Suite on the computer. Own publications such as catalogs, coupons or menus can be created quite comfortable and customize the desktop publisher. Microsoft Publisher already includes some design templates and color schemes which facilitate the handwritten characters of different publications.

Microsoft Publisher download for print and Web publications

The Microsoft Publisher 2013 Download is suitable for both online and offline media. For example, the layouts can be exported via mouse click in HTML format for publishing on the Internet. the artwork with supplied components such as rims or calendar is facilitated. The DTP tool allows some basic image editing directly in the layout document, including, for example, moving, cropping or zooming the graphics within its frame. Microsoft Publisher 2013 includes new features that optimize adding, modifying and formatting of text and images.

Microsoft Publisher DownloadMicrosoft Publisher Download as clever layout tool (Image: Microsoft)

use cloud services for transmission of print templates

New and improved effects such as lighting and Abschrägungseffekte provide download for a creative and professional touch in Microsoft Publisher. With intelligent wizards all effects without great effort can be applied to projects. The new Scratch Area is someone clearly dealing with a variety of images. It no longer automatically end up doing all the images on the desktop. In addition, the use of Windows 8 has been optimized and thanks to cloud services like SkyDrive forwarding finished artwork is even easier from. Internet Microsoft Publisher 2013 synchronizes their work to the cloud and creates automatic backups.


Microsoft Publisher Download exchangeUncomplicated exchange pictures (Image: Microsoft)

placing publisher properly design elements with Microsoft

Also on board, Microsoft has continued to give publishers the tools usual pleadings to certain whistle. These so-called Style Sets provided OpenType fonts available with artistic atmosphere, ligatures, true small caps and other refinements. This requires, however, that the selected fonts support these styles also. Who often create multi-page publications for printing, which will appreciate a feature in Microsoft Publisher 2013, which switches the layout pages transparent. In this way, the user receives already the DTP-set views on whether individual design elements are placed correctly.

Integrated address management and export module

In addition, the Microsoft Publisher download includes an integrated address management, which simplifies the printing of mass mailings. the graphics program is completed by a export module, which displays the file formats PDF and XPS as well as various types of images. If you want to find faster way in the revised user interface for the quick start manuals offer to Microsoft Office, which we also offer for download.

Microsoft Publisher templatesSeveral templates are included. (Image: Microsoft)

Note: The trial version of Publisher 2013 is included in the 60-day trial package of Microsoft Office, 2013. To use the trial version, users must first register with a Windows account. Then obtained a license key that activates the trial via email.

Limitations of Microsoft Publisher 2013

60-day trial. Free registration a Windows Live ID required. For Publisher 2010, Microsoft offers no trial at more.