ALDI TALK Login: To work out the online registration

ALDI TALK Login: To work out the online registration

Anyone who has bought a prepaid card from ALDI TALK, it must unlock via registration. Then you can easily its tariff on the ALDI TALK Login Manage online. Here we go!

The discounter Aldi has established itself with its own offerings in the mobile phone market. Anyone who has bought a SIM card, can add various flat rates and the tariff comfortable online, and manage download with the ALDI TALK app after registering.

ALDI TALK LoginALDI TALK Login: To work out the online registration. (Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)

ALDI TALK login: Close “My ALDI TALK”

The prepaid card of the discounter uses the E-Plus mobile network and operated by MEDIONmobile. Customers who use the service obtained by one-time registration via the Internet to their tariff. Through the online registration will take you to “My ALDI TALK” and thus receive various benefits. The following options are available to the user then available:

  • recharge credit
  • Additionally Book of flat rates and packages
  • Unsubscribe options
  • Overview of charges and the credit is
  • personal information management

Requirements for the login

Before users can use the ALDI TALK login, they must first perform a registration after buying the SIM card. This is anyway essential to unlock the card. Users can do this via e-mail, mail, phone, fax or online.
Online is the registration made as follows:

ALDI TALK login register(Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)

  • (1) The user goes to the home page of the provider and click Enable SIM
  • (2) Now he carries the SIM card number and phone number in the fields. To find these number sequences in the Starter Set next to the map.

Enter ALDI TALK Login No.(Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)

  • (3) In the registration form, the user now enters its personal data. By clicking on Next to confirm the terms and conditions.
  • (4) In the penultimate step, the user has the possibility of additional flat rates or packages to the book. Also, you can clarify the number Portability here.
  • (5) Finally, all data is checked again and then confirmed with Next.

Login ALDI TALK use: How It Works

the user has met the conditions – that is, bought the SIM card and carried out the registration, the user must now be patient about six hours. As long as it takes until the account is unlocked and the user can use the mobile phone and the ALDI TALK login.
At login, the user will be like this:

ALDI TALK Login Home(Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)

  • In the first step again ([this page]] opens.
  • In the upper section, the four green highlighted menu items. The user clicks on the far right My ALDI TALK button.
  • This will open a new page in which the user can log in now. For this simply the phone number and the specified password Enter. Finished.
  • Who has not at hand or sipped his password clicks, forgotten password ?. Via confirmation e-mail can be password reset.

ALDI TALK login fields(Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)