Virtual Audio Cable

Virtual Audio Cable

Of the Virtual Audio Cable Download creates virtual connections between audio inputs and outputs. So the virtual stripper for example, allows recordings to internal audio signals with programs that do not support this feature. Or mixing together the audio signal of multiple applications and takes on a further program.

Virtual Audio Cable Download and installation

The Virtual Audio Cable Download is very slim and brings the installation data for 32- and 64-bit Windows versions in one package. If you have an older or a non-working installation of VAC on the PC, uninstall this version is due before the setup. The setup clearly indicates that otherwise can not appear strange problems with the audio drivers. To uninstall an earlier version, the termination of all active audio processes is necessary, which could access the virtual audio cable. So these are open audio player and other applications such as the browser.

VAC: Unplugging without cable clutter

For audio professionals the Virtual Audio Cable is explained in a few words Download Complete: Selective routing of audio software on up to 20 virtual audio inputs. And again for beginners: Can an audio recorder, for example, only record from a sound card input, such as the inclusion of an MP3 player is first not possible. For that you would have to draw a cable from the audio output of the computer to the audio input to then capture. This is precisely what does Virtual Audio Cable, without any cable.

In this way also are audio signals in maximum quality available, since omitted converting the internal digital signal to the analog sound card output and back. For that VAC installed up to 20 inputs and outputs. After the setup is only once a virtual output available, one might stoking here, the execution of the control panel is needed. Again, it must be stopped any active audio processes, as described above at point uninstalling VAC. In the Control Panel User now increase at will the number of virtual audio inputs and outputs. It also can be multiple professional options such as sample rate and bit depth, also is associated here as the microphone input with a virtual audio cable. The configuration options are extensive, although Virtual Audio Cable provides gives the appearance of Windows 3.11 application. The virtual sound card to none in the overview of the free audio tool downloads.

Virtual Audio Cable Download

Audio merge with Virtual Audio Cable

Now, in order, for example, an MP3 player and record a video player or a synthesizer at the same time, proceed as follows:

  • It has all of the programs on the internal options for audio output, the same virtual audio cable to.
  • In the audio recorder, audio editor, or just any program receiving, one assigns the same virtual cable for audio input.
  • Record, tape. Have fun.

Listening virtual signals

A small drawback on Virtual Audio Cable is that you can not listen directly merged audio signals. If they are selected as the input in a recording program and you can from this live hear the signal, so that’s no problem. If not, you have to draw this to a supplied tool. Which is found in the folders x86 for Win 32-bit and x64 for 64-bit systems and is unfortunately only a demo version that quite annoying by a repetitive announcement of the trial. After getting the full version of Virtual Audio Cable made, for example, the separated recording audio signals through clever use of audio repeater is possible. In the following clip explains how, for example, picks up the sound of games and some half the audio signal of TeamSpeak hear, but not mitaufzeichnet.

Limitations of Virtual Audio Cable

Limited functionality: A maximum of three virtual Lines and audio overlays in Audio Repeater

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