Agricultural simulator 17

Of the Farming Simulator 17 Download provides a realistic look at the life and duties as a farmer: from seed to harvest.

From the field to the Farming Simulator 17 Download

Who has enough of urban frills, should set aside the Mate Vodka, let the snake in front of Berghain are left and instead grab 17 download for Farming Simulator. Here is waiting not only fresh country air but more than 250 authentic vehicles and equipment of over 75 licensed brands. Here, the Swiss developer of software Giants have given great pains to make the functioning of the machine as authentic and realistic as possible.

Farming Simulator 17 DownloadAfter Farming Simulator 17 Download it realistic dirty.

A thriving farm

In addition to the hard field work on heavy machinery, officials have hired or animals shall be provided. You can choose from chicken, sheep, pigs and cows have to be fed regularly to give milk and lay eggs. Whoever finds the best feed mix here is a clear advantage. By the way, can be driven with the cattle trade per se. A third way to let the Talerchen flowing into the rural fund, the forestry; true to the motto: Wood is the new gold.

numerous innovations

In addition to the much more detailed and colorful and fluid graphics, the developers have come up with a lot: For example, the mower can now be as a woman on the fields of the setting sun draw. There is a built-in radio stations and the associated access to additional Internet stations that blare during Ausmistens in the background. What remains is the multiplayer mode, which works at the computer with a maximum of 16 on the console with a maximum of six other players. In addition, the new edition scores with these features:

  • Vehicles can be customized
  • New plants such as soybean, sunflower, radish or poplars
  • Different fertilizer levels
  • Elastic straps for bulky items
  • The stamps were supplemented by the AGCO Group: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra
  • Small items can be picked up
  • With the vehicles, the city can be explored

Suitable for all ages

"In the countryside, since there is no sin" - that could be a bit of the motto of the Giants Software to Download 17 oriented for the Farming Simulator. So let slaughter within the game neither animals nor do they die in the absence of food intake. Also, who is planning with its agricultural means of transportation, to run amok in the city, will be disappointed. Destructive tendencies can be suppressed to one hundred percent. This makes the game a bit stuffy, is it also suitable for all ages.