Videos for WhatsApp: Here Gibt's the coolest clips 2023

Videos for WhatsApp: Here Gibt’s the coolest clips

He is the most popular messenger in Germany alone, and this is already evident by the sheer number of around 50 billion messages sent via the Messenger app daily and receive – including news, photos, as well as hilarious videos. and witty Videos for WhatsApp there are now en masse. Getting the best for WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone, we have researched for you!

Videos for WhatsAppLooking for the best videos for WhatsApp? We have something for you … (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Videos for WhatsApp: The need to be considered

As a preliminary but said: About WhatsApp can not be ship all videos. The Messenger limits the size, A maximum of 16 MB are allowed. This corresponds, according to WhatsApp a length of about 90 seconds to three minutes – depending on the recording source and videos that are added via the messenger himself. There is still the opportunity to record or download video outside the app. Depending on the quality of these can be longer. are important only the 16 MB.

Several options are available to come to videos, which can then send them via WhatsApp:

  • The video search on the PC: These videos will then be transferred to the phone.
  • Downloading videos directly to the smartphone
  • Sending links
  • The sharing videos that you got sent by another user
  • Creating your own videos

Videos for WhatsApp DeBeste PortalOne of the most versatile video portals is (Picture:

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Search Videos for WhatsApp on your PC or over the phone?

On video portals that offer moving pictures to download, you will usually find it quickly – and you can look very comfortable on the desktop PC and filter out inappropriate videos directly. Those looking on YouTube, you can download the videos choosing one of the many YouTube Downloader to the PC and then as playing via USB cable to your smartphone.

But many are now certainly not an extra fire up the desktop PC or laptop to search for funny videos. The major portals supposed to work via the smartphone. In addition, this has the advantage that you then present the files after successful download directly on your phone and can easily send through WhatsApp to friends and family. However, one needs to download YouTube or example Clipfish videos additional apps like TubeMate YouTube Downloader app, the Android YouTube Downloader or video grabber – with the latter but does not work with YouTube.

Tip: Video files can be quite large. Imagine downloading a video, so definitely sure that you are within Wi-Fi, otherwise your data volume is to be used up quickly and you can not go from funny videos more your friends send or receive such.

On the safest side, which also saves data you are when you just sent links to videos for WhatsApp. For this you can copy the link or click on the side on parts and copy the URL that appears and paste in WhatsApp.

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Videos for WhatsApp whatsapp-videos-PortalOn the images are prepared right for mobile. (Picture:

The best video portals

Those who want to make their friends known as a “Best Video WhatsApper” of course needs some reliable sources that always come up with the most popular video. The following pages are recommended for those looking for videos WhatsApp:

  • YouTube: On the largest and best-known video portal, there are also the largest selection of witty material for WhatsAppKlar that exist on the largest video portal, the best chance to find funny material for WhatsApp. Sending works then it’s easier to link – just copy the link in the message WhatsApp. This also explains the size limit can be circumvented. Or you load the video with one of the above apps and ship it directly – if the legal issues are resolved.

  • The page is geared directly for mobile use. on the home page the latest videos can be found directly, but otherwise leaves a lot to discover. In different categories, among other animal videos or video Christmas romp. Also, a search function is available.

  • On there are also plenty of videos that are purchased directly from YouTube in addition to funny pictures and GIFs for WhatsApp. In addition, there is a fun blog. A search function is also available, but can not be filtered according to each category.

Videos einfachnurlustig for WhatsApp PortalThe category Collection at convinced. (Picture:

  • is a video portal where there are a lot of movies, series, anime and Co. today. But even short funny videos can be found.

  • The site has next video still images, GIFs and jokes in stock. Categories, there are otherwise no, but a very funny random function.

  • Also on there is an exciting collection of YouTube videos. Random Videos can also be the side, and there is an extensive collection category and top lists. On the home page matching videos are always suggested to the season.

If you need more advice about video and WhatsApp, looks but in the following: Send WhatsApp Videos: These facts should you know!