Pokémon Go Bot

Pokémon Go Bot

After this Pokémon Go Bot Download to Monster Hunters can sit back and let the capture of the droll little creature the computer. Items like Poké Balls, eggs or potions & Co. collects the clever tool all alone. However, there is caution, though the developers of the Pokemon Go app Niantic, Inc. currently threatened with Softbans up to 30 minutes. However, it is certainly touched up here promptly and introduced the possibility terminate the account.

The Pokémon Go Bot Download & installation

After Pokémon Go Bot Download the zip file must first be extracted. Following the PoGoBot-GUI.exe. file is searched in the unzipped folder and start the installation by double-clicking it. Now you have to only with the appropriate user name and his password and specify any location on the map. The bot starts automatically graze all Pokéstops and capture wandering monsters. Without moving a millimeter, create player it so to increase their team to develop and compete in the arena with the strongest monsters against unsuspecting players.

Pokémon Go Bot DownloadAfter Pokémon Go Bot Download the tool will do all roads.

Security risk: The input of user data

To install the Pokémon Go Bot entering the user data of Google or the Pokemon account is required. What exactly happens to this information is unclear and thus a high security risk. Both with regard to the protection of personal data as well as a possible blocking by Niantic, Inc. for the use of bots necessarily a new account should be created. Especially if you have signed in with their Google account for the game.

Tips to Softbans

After Pokémon Go Bot Download the monsters can chase and catch worldwide. At the moment the game manipulation can reveal only because of the distances traveled. you jump within minutes from five continents back and forth, the jumping players will be assigned a Softban. This can indeed be lifted via the tool, although users should pay attention to a logical “progression” and avoid to cover long distances in a short time. If you look at but a temporary barrier have been concerns, these can be removed from the menu on the “Remove Ban option” again.