Bubble Witch Saga 3 Cheats: How do you manage the game 2023

Bubble Witch Saga 3 Cheats: How do you manage the game

By the third part of the popular Bubble-shooter series King a masterpiece once again succeeded. The levels are not only sweet picnic. As one looks fast times for help. We tell you whether Bubble Witch Saga 3 Cheats bring something and give you valuable tips for an exciting, yet not frustrating game.

Bubble Witch Saga 3 CheatsThe new King game is colorful, sweet and can be really frustrating. Help Bubble Witch Saga 3 Cheats? (Picture: King.com/Screenshot)

Bubble Witch Saga Download 3 cheat codes or use better tips?

No sooner is a new game since, the search increases for matching cheats. But quite honestly, really brings us further? Of course, a time just installed cheat or hack simplifies a game. But most cheat downloads have evil in mind. There are mostly dubious third party software, spying on the data or equal brings a virus. Often the promised tricks not even work. And should it indeed be a hack and will bring endless Booster, life or bullion, is guaranteed quickly flutes one thing: the game. You get the whole merely by downloading the Bubble Witch Saga 3 app for free and virus-free with us.

Granted, the third part of Bubble Witch Saga is not just captivates with simple levels. On the contrary, always properly teasers hide between really feasible games. Many players complain of long days to weeks of puzzles over a single level. Clear that there also eventually subsides motivation.

Stay tuned pays off

But basically neither Bubble Witch Saga 3 cheats even despair are necessary. With a few tricks while shooting, good powers of deduction and beginning of the game a little frugality can also be solved properly serious game situations by not too long ago. And seriously: Satisfying’s only really big when we finally managed a level at which we have been bitten us a little teeth.

  Bubble Witch Saga 3 triches: Comment gérez-vous le jeu

Beginning of the game King gives each player a certain number of boosters. Uses this not simply in the early levels that can solve your with a bit of work also loose without would have. Saves them to you. Real hard Level sooner or later, and since you desire certainly one or two booster back.

Bubble Witch Saga 3 Cheats targetingTake your time, and uses the observed targeting! (Picture: King.com/Screenshot)

take your time and watch!

Did you know that you do not necessarily have to shoot the bubble overhead? The top can in fact exchange with the underlying that only then would otherwise turn.

The new guidance in Part 3 on definitely helps. So you see directly where your ball will land next and can also plan the best combination better. Blind drauflos shooting should however, avoid her.

A look definitely the balls on the field exactly – you have the time. Take you this also, and examines how you can best proceed. Created you gradually Special orbs to clear away as much as possible on the field. For this you simply taps the ball over Nero’s head, if you will feed them with the energy of the next Bubbles. But pay attention to the counter! It dip to zero, you can no more bullets to shoot more and the level is over. But if you now Bubble Witch Saga Cheats 3 help …?

Is a Special Orb done, you have to shoot him not directly, but you can also trade with other bubbles and then use the booster when you really need it – for example, to clear away as many annoying balls on the field:

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get rid of obstructing balls

  • Black balls: This curmudgeon can you easily do not destroy – except with a Special Orb or by your combined the overlying balls and overthrows so that the black ball is entrained.
  • Clones: Change Klonblasen the color of the bubbles that are adjacent to it, and you want to just destroy with a match. This can be annoying, but can also help if so new matches created you.
  • Double Bubbles: These little beasts must be taken twice because of their two-tone until they burst. The color sequence is but whatever.
  • Golem: These stone monsters someday swallowed a colored bubble. They can only be destroyed when their mouth is just open. Even boosters help.
  • clouds: Clouds off in front of bubbles and conceal their color. Hurls your bubble against a cloud, she disappears and shows the ball behind. Have you taken the happiness and directly the right color, all lying around clouds disappear.
  • bats: These little clingy beasts hang on balls. You have the ball at a bat hanging shatter so the bat cuts off. If the ball just down the wings fly on the wall looking for a new home.
  • Cobwebs: prevent the sticky threads that simply fall down balls. You have to destroy the network by her the ball in the middle of burst initiated.
  • Ice cream: Is a bubble of ice wrapped, it can not be destroyed. You only have to break the ice by you to bring all the other balls around it by matches to burst.

Bubble Witch Saga Cheats 3 ballsThere are good and bad balls balls in the game. With a little savvy can be the good use so that the poor are not a problem more. (Picture: King.com/Redaktion)

  Bubble Witch Saga 3 triches: Comment gérez-vous le jeu

Little Helpers there’s also

But also useful balls, so-called Power Bubbles, there to help you 3 saga cheats without Bubble Witch:

  • Fairies Nest: Meet your a fairy nest with a ball, which fairies flying around and bring all the bubbles of the same color to burst.
  • “+3”: Gives you three extra shots
  • Line breaker: The line breaker to English “Line Blast”, destroyed all the bubbles on a horizontal line. Contains the ball an arrow, all the balls will be destroyed on a line in the arrow direction. Here you can, depending on which direction the arrow is pointing, going on tactics.
  • Fireworks: This explosive ball takes three bubbles with Nirvana.

Stella’s House: Your oasis rebuild for bonuses

With this background in mind you can actually get started and bring bubbles to burst. But there is a way to get bonuses, without spending money. For that you have to rebuild that has Wilbur brazenly destroyed only Stella’s house. Everything you do this you must: stop level with as three stars. Because for 15 collected star will gain stardust that your turn can be used as “money” for the reconstruction of the property. With stardust you can buy items viz. The more you build again, the faster you come namely special chests as a thank you. And chests contain prices.

Even more stardust you gain when you visit your neighbors and there collect fairies, or if your quests solves that represents you Nero after your have reached level 20th So you come without Bubble Witch Saga Cheats 3 with a lot of fun very wide and can Wilbur and his minions declare war.