WhatsApp voice input enable dictate & Texts

WhatsApp voice input enable dictate & Texts

thanks to the WhatsApp voice input dictate messages: We reveal how to activate the function and can chat more convenient in the future. Here are the step-by-step instructions!

received an important WhatsApp message and your hands full? How convenient would now have the ability to simply dictate the message? Unfortunately, the popular Messenger does not provide this option. There is but one solution: The download of the Google Keyboard for Android.

WhatsApp voice input thanks to Google Keyboard

The keyboard of Google is one of the best keyboards for Android devices. After downloading the app users are numerous functions for dispositions that facilitate text input on smartphone and tablet significantly. Among other tool with a voice input scores.

The Set Google Keyboard as a standard keyboard: Step 1

After downloading and installing the app, the keyboard needs to be set as the default app. There are two options:

  1. On the application itself, you get to click on the icon and by following the instructions in the corresponding menu. After the basic settings you can define the application as a standard keyboard.
  2. can also be set in the system settings of your Android device, which keyboard is used by default. In general, this option is under the general settings and here in menu language and keyboard.

Step 2: Call the WhatsApp voice input

Following can be in almost all messengers write messages via dictation. WhatsApp for speech input only the small microphone must be tapped in addition to the suggested words. Now you can speak the desired message to the smartphone. If you want to take a short pause for reflection or was interrupted by another call can pause the voice input with a tap on the gray field. Returning tip it is reactivated. To delete a misunderstood word, only the arrow must be selected to the left and the term disappears from the message field. is submitted the so-generated message as usual by clicking on the arrow icon to the right of the text box.

  WhatsApp voice input enable dictate & Texts

WhatsApp voice inputThanks to WhatsApp voice input to messages can simply dictate. (Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

Even more features to the Google keyboard

But the voice input for various messenger is not the only feature that can convince the keyboard. In addition to numerous layouts that are also customizable, many input options can be adapted to personal needs. Messages can be personalized with swipe, so enter via swipe gestures, which significantly faster texts allowed. The word recognition works well and even proposals for the next term will be displayed. In addition, re-entered words are automatically added to the dictionary and appear following the suggestion strip. Even matching Emojis proposes the keyboard. Another highlight is that the individually defined settings and the dictionary can be synchronized with other devices. So that the keyboard is actually one of the best applications that currently exist in this area for Android.