Unlock Blau.de: So you activate the SIM card

Unlock Blau.de: So you activate the SIM card

Who has opted for a blue-tariff, must – before it can losplappern – the SIM card in Unlock Blau.de. Such as enabling works most comfortable, you can read here!

The Blue brand belongs to Telefónica Germany and uses the O2 network. Users who want to get in Blau.de can choose between tariffs with and without a contract. Whichever offer you choose: Everyone has the opportunity, its collective downloading the blue to keep app comfortable in mind.

Unlock Blau.deUnlock Blau.de: We show what to do. (Picture: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG / Editorial)

Unlock SIM card in Blau.de: Requirements

First you have to opt for one of the plans. Blau.de provides rates with and without contract. The user can now order one of the packages online via the website of the brand.

Those who do not wish to have the option to purchase the starter pack in the trade. So there are blue packages including in the following stores:

  • Norma and Real
  • Media Markt and Saturn
  • dm
  • Budnikowsky
  • and other shops.

If you have bought the package on the market, you can get started right away and unlock his SIM card at Blau.de. They have chosen for the online order, have to wait a few days in paying by credit card. Users who have paid the starter package by bank transfer must wait a week until the shipment arrives, under certain circumstances.

Take Blue SIM card into operation & activate

If you hold the starter package in his hands, you can remove the attached SIM card and insert it into the phone.

  Unlock Blau.de: So you activate the SIM card

Active Order online

  • If you have inserted the card in the phone, you his device turns on
  • Now you are asked for a PIN 1, which can be found in the documents.
  • If the PIN accepted, the phone is unlocked.

Unlock when purchased commercially

Since Blau.de registration is unavoidable, users who bought their SIM card in the business must now still make up for this. Online ordering have already done this during the ordering process. The following steps must be observed:

  • First, the user goes to the site. There you can unlock the SIM card of Blau.de.
  • Here registered users by entering their mobile phone number and the Internet password. Both information can be found in the starter package.

Blau.de via emailvia email, via the Blue website. (Picture: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG / Editorial)

  • In the course the following information is requested: name, address, date of birth. In the process, the user can activate the automatic charge if necessary. Who wishes, in addition, the credit card or bank account must provide.
  • Is the registration completed until the SIM card is activated, it takes about 30 minutes. To make the network operational, the smartphone should then be turned off and on again. Now users can use their offer depending on the tariff.

Problems unlocking

Who does not get further at some point or has other problems activating who can contact support. About the number on the screen shot of the customer can be reached.

Blau.de Unlock ServiceHotline – if there are problems during activation. (Picture: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG / Editorial)

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