Adventure Time Stream: Where the series on the net?

Adventure Time Stream: Where the series on the net?

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake: The animated series from Cartoon Network enjoys not only in children but also many adults great popularity, attacks them but also serious and sometimes philosophical topics. But where can the Adventure Time Stream find – online – and above all legal? We looked around to times. So much can be revealed: the Youtube app helps you more effectively.

Adventure Time StreamAdventure Time with Finn and Jake! But where’s the legal stream? (Picture:

The Adventure Time Stream: What’s it about?

Who has traveled once with Finn and Jake to the land of Ooo, has probably wondered what is actually happening. Who has dared the mental journey into the series for the second time, is now believed to be a fan. It takes so its time, added. But once agreed to it, you win with Adventure Time and curious residents of dreamland a kind of retreat from reality and somehow even friends.

In the series of man Finn and his best friend and adoptive brother, the Hund Jake experience, along with many other figures like Jakes swarm Princess Bubblegum, vampire-rocker Marceline and the Ice King and his loyal penguins under overhead Penguin Günther hear many crazy adventures.

With wit and charm, the characters move through the post-apocalyptic Ooo and beyond. Thereby gradually but increasingly dark secrets they uncover and circumstances on. A small foretaste in the following video:

Legal options for the stream

Nor the six-Emmy-winning series is not completed, a total of nine seasons are planned. Currently the eighth, by 2018 everything will then come to an end nine seasons in up already running. In the German TV the seventh season is currently running on the pay TV channel Cartoon Network, as well as Nickelodeon shows consequences. In the American original, the eighth season is in progress.

But on the Internet, the series can be found. Unfortunately missing out on German and again individual episodes, which many fans regurgitates sour. There are also numerous dubious pages that a stream – usually in English – offer. Here, however, you run as a user quickly risk being redirected to strange advertising pages and you may even catch a virus. In addition, users move such sites as in a legal gray zone.

but who wants to legally enjoy the series, can look around on the following portals to find an Adventure Time Stream:

  • Amazon Prime Video: The video service Amazon Prime currently shows the seasons 1 to 6, where the seasons are available free of charge from 1 to 4 in the stream, but the other two must be purchased. Amazon Prime can you one month free trial, after which you pay 69 euros for a year of use.
  • Youtube: On the German Cartoon Network channel always three or four entire episodes alternately be shown – but at least currently not chronologically.
  • Nick: Also on, the website of Nickelodeon, there are a few episodes, but not all seasons.
  • Dailymotion: Who wants to watch the episodes in English, can daily even at, where there is a fairly wide range from Adventure Time Stream.
  • Google Play Store: In the Play Store you can download the seasons 1 to 8 you as Android users. Per episode you will pay 0.99 cents.
  • iTunes: There is also the series on iTunes, also to Season 8, for 1.49 euros per episode.

Netflix on the series is not available currently, after time, the seasons were seen 1 and 2 and later. 3 and 4

Adventure Time on Cartoon Network on TV

Do you want to see the latest episodes on TV, you have the opportunity to do so on Cartoon Network – but against monthly fees, which the transmitter is a pay-TV service. For this, you can choose you service provider through which you want to access it, because the program can be on Sky, Cable received Germany / Unitymedia / Kabel BW, Telekom Entertain and via the IPTV program from Vodafone. In addition, you can access it, an online streaming service that offers a kids package for 4.99 euros a month over Magine TV.