Burning Series no longer goes? We reveal what it is, what the user can do and what the alternatives are for series junkies to view the current TV highlights. learn more here!

Burning Series gets: The failures and server problems are piling up.

If the series lovers after Burning Series App Download calls the popular streaming site, but the Burning Series website is down, there is reason to suspect that the provider has server problems again. It has done this in the past several times. For information about service outages and current connection problems, a visit to the Burning Series Facebook page or the Twitter service is worth.

Sometimes the Hoster are to blame

Burning Series appears perfect to also go to watch their own favorite shows. Unfortunately, more and more users complain of technical difficulties, failures, interruptions and connection problems. The server problems are piling up and are probably sometimes at one of Hoster. If it should ever come to long-term failures, of course, equal to the suspicion that Burning Series has set its service temporarily, since it is both manufacturers and users to a problematic legal gray area.

Burning Series no longer goesBurning Series not it? We show you what to do! (Image: Burning Series / Editorial)

Controversial legislation: If the film is stored permanently or temporarily?

The legal situation of cinema and series portals such Kinox.to or Burning Seeries is legally controversial. Of great importance is certainly how the respective streaming portal is going on technically. If this not only temporarily but completely and permanently ends up on the hard drive of the user while watching the film, a copy is made, which is probably not covered by the right to private copy. If a portal exclusively streams, but not permanently stored, it remains at a volatile copy in the RAM of the PC or on a temporary copy on disk. This is automatically deleted after viewing the film and could therefore, according to many media lawyers for the viewer be quite legal.

"Burning Series no longer goes" use as an alternative to switch suppliers

If the user "Burning Series no longer goes" determines the described legal gray area is a good reason to start thinking about upgrading to a Burning Series Alternative. With legal premium streaming services you can at least all play it safe, that henceforth any unpleasant surprises and warnings of lawyers in the mailbox land.

With a free test-month pass the time without Burning Series

As expected, the transition to legal Burning Series Alternatives has its price. The video-on-demand giant Netflix monthly costs from around 8 euros and can be used on smartphones, consoles, PC and TV. Who wants to try the service during the outage of Burning Series, uses the free trial month, Netflix provides newcomers available. Amazon Prime customers can also use the online video store Amazon Instant Video, the movie options and having to shell out an annual fee of 49 euros. Prime Instant Video now contains the complete LOVEFiLM offer and encompasses about 13,000 movies and series episodes. Other streaming services that come as Burning Series alternatives in question include Watch Ever for 9 € per month and max cathedrals as streaming platform of ProSiebenSat.1 Media for 8 euros. The latter also provides a free trial month ready