Microsoft Mahjong

Microsoft Mahjong

Training with Microsoft Mahjong players their memory and ability to concentrate. The free Far Eastern images puzzles score with intuitive gameplay and engaging game graphics.

Microsoft Download Mahjong promises much brain-teaser

Of the Microsoft Mahjong Download invites Win 8 users to roles in one of four different graphic layouts and four levels of difficulty one. this promises Puzzle fun for novices and experts Mahjong alike. Thanks to built Undo function is unsuccessful moves redeem. For longer-lasting fun are called "daily challenges" and make the connection to the xBox Live service.

Microsoft Mahjong Download

Microsoft Mahjong as a modern version of the puzzle game classic

When Mahjong, also known in the spellings Mahjongg or Mahjong, is a ancient Chinese puzzle game with up to 144 tiles. The name refers to the hemp sparrow pictured on the classic game stone bamboo unity. Microsoft Mahjong is a modern variant of the puzzle-classic specifically for Windows 8Systeme. The player here has the choice of the graphics layout "submerged". "autumn glade". "silence" and the cosmos" and from the difficulty "Easy". "medium". "Heavy" and "expert",

The moves can take back

The inventors typed each on two identical tiles to associate with each other. These must have a free longitudinal side and may not be covered by other tiles. To win a game, the player is faced with the Task to clear all the bricks from the board. The SEASON and flowers so-called tiles are different from the other game pieces in that they can be combined with any other tile of the same variety. Who made an unfavorable turn, can use the undo list. Alternatively, the player presses the key combination Ctrl + Z to open the game history and tap on those tiles that he would like to travel. The game will automatically return to the time prior to the assignment of these pieces.

Microsoft Download Mahjong designs

Simple control via touch, mouse or keyboard

Who does not know what to do and can not find a matching pair for removal, click on "reshuffle"In order to continue playing. can per game to reshuffle only a few times, but after all this costs as opposed to undo the moves no deductions. When the mind game-friend would pause, he operated in the application list, click the Pause button to pause the game. he’s stuck, he can call a tip or start a new game the same. In control by keyboard player navigates with the arrow keys and pressing on the highlighted tile the spacebar or Enter to select it. The R button the game is shuffled, stopped with P and H retrieve a tip.

The game strategy is in Microsoft Mahjong important

Mahjong is a sophisticated thinking and concentration game. The inventors first tried to clear as many tiles, exposing the turn key areas of the pitch. Whoever finds three equal pieces, should think twice about what combination do him the most. If you get stuck, you can return to a point, stand on the three tiles to allocate available and now simply tries out a different pairing. While it loses some points, but it is usually worth it. Before mixing, the player should pick up a tip for now. Mixed actions are only useful if all the important areas of the playing field are revealed. The Undo list is in fact deleted.

Microsoft Download Mahjong Puzzle

Classic Mahjong game a chic design The free Microsoft Download Mahjong is probably worth every lover of logic games a glance. The classic concentration game offers beautiful pictures, a successful control and appropriate for the game background music. Several styles and levels of difficulty ensure variety in the Mahjong games. If you own a XBox account, can share his results with friends.