Facebook Messenger icons: Status of the messages

Facebook Messenger icons: Status of the messages

At each messenger, the user must engage in some other symbolism. What information the Facebook Messenger Icons Show on the shipping status, we explain here. make smart now!

Facebook has spun off downloading the Facebook Messenger app chat function. Users of the social network so need this app if they want to chat with their Facebook friends over the phone. in addition to sending text messages to the Messenger also supports the sending of stickers, voice messages and photos. The user can also make calls via the messenger. The individual symbolism in Messenger will provide the user with information on how it is with sending their messages.

Facebook Messenger IconsWhat the Facebook Messenger icons mean – we show here. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Facebook Messenger icons for messaging

As numerous as the supply of messengers, so varied is their symbolism. Each client uses the character to make certain information for the user recognizable. However, there is no consistency. While a particular character is used in a chat app to tell the user that his message was successfully sent, it says in another messenger that the message has been read.
would be handy if they do at least WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger would use a uniform symbols due to the buyout. Sadly wrong. So users of both Messenger are not kept completely astray, we have picked out the most important Facebook Messenger symbols that are explained below.

The symbols appear in the usual manner messenger to the right of the news. There are four different characters, which are all circular and view a specific status of a message within the chat feature.

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Facebook Messenger icons circleThis circle indicates that the message is sent. (Screenshot: Editorial)

1. Blue edged circular

This symbol indicates that the just sent message becomes. In general, this state is so short that one rarely sees the circle. If the symbol longer be seen, there is probably connectivity problems.

Facebook Messenger icons circle with checkmarkThe check mark in the circle indicates that the sending was successful. (Screenshot: Editorial)

2. Blue edged circular with hook

Appears the blue checkmark circle, the user can assume that the Message sent successfully has been. Now is the Facebook server and is on its way to the recipient. Also this symbol is visible usually only a few seconds. It remains, however, at this stage, it may be because the recipient has turned off the phone or has at this moment does not have a network.

Facebook Messenger icons blue circleMessage has been successfully delivered, says this symbol. (Screenshot: Editorial)

3. Blue circle with check mark

If the circle is now painted blue, which means that the Message successfully delivered has been. This symbol, however, should not be confused with a read receipt.

Facebook Messenger Icons Mini AvatarThe message was displayed on the smartphone of the receiver. (Screenshot: Editorial)

4. Mini Icon from Avatar

This is the fourth and last of the Facebook Messenger icons to send messages. Appears with the sender the thumbnail of the recipient, the message on the smartphone was displayed. Actually, you can the symbol thus call read confirmation. However, there are critics who say that the recipient could have unread deleted the item after opening the same. however, these assumptions are rather exceptions and can be neglected.

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Symbols of the Messengers in the contact list

In addition, there are Facebook Messenger icons that are used in the contact list. Who Browsed times through his list of Facebook friends will discover the Messenger icon on some. This indicates that the client is installed on the person and used. Friends, however, have a little f next to their profile picture, are not yet active on Messenger. Who anschreibt these persons still on the Messenger automatically sends with an invitation to join.

Facebook Messenger icons listAnother symbol of the list in Facebook Messenger. (Photo: Facebook)