Farming Simulator 2016

Farming Simulator 2016

Of the Farming Simulator 2016 download puts players in the role of a farmer who enters with the tractor hay, livestock and operates tried their own agricultural products profitably as possible to sell. In addition to the work on the fields with heavy equipment such as tractors and combine harvesters and the supply of cattle, the player is now also faced with the task of conducting a forestry operation.

Farming Simulator 2016 Download with machines from 20 real manufacturers

The Farming Simulator 16 App offers a very realistic simulation of peasant activity field. In the agricultural simulation of virtual farmer manages his own farm and is about even with heavy machines originating from 20 real, officially licensed manufacturers. These include MAN, New Holland, Case IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini, Horsch, crown and Amazon. In a simulated open world of the farmer determines its own pace, working hours and workload in Farming Simulator.

Farming Simulator 2016 downloadFarming Simulator 2016 download as a realistic simulation of the agricultural world (Image: GIANTS Software)

Powerful harvesters and tractors increase yield

Who wants to expand his farm and has big goals, 16 app purchases new fields in the Farming Simulator. The larger the area under cultivation, the more powerful of course, the machinery must be. The farmer needs strong harvesters and tractors to till his fields effectively to apply the sowing and harvesting eventually sell. This is not always as easy as in real rural life, as the market may react quite treacherous and dynamically known and strong price volatility inevitable.

Farming Simulator 2016 download machinesThe farmer needs strong harvesters and tractors in Farming Simulator App. (Picture: GIANTS Software)

Farming Simulator 16 now also with additional forestry

When seed the player has a choice of five different plants: wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet and potatoes. Besides, it is one of his tasks to feed cows and sheep to produce milk and wool. Forestry is now also represented in Farming Simulator 2016th As the owner of a large forest, the player falls with special machines trees and selling the wood.

He takes care of the Farming Simulator app also about the sustainability of its forests and lay new plantings of trees at. With all the tasks the farmer of course need helpers who go to him for the hard work everyday farm life at hand.

Farming Simulator 2016 Download forestryThe player also takes care of the sustainability of its forests. (Picture: GIANTS Software)

Cooperative Agriculture via WLAN or Bluetooth

The Farming Simulator 2016 download comes in a fancy 3D graphics. Especially the machines have been significantly more detailed than the predecessor game. Games over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in the local multiplayer mode with friends are now also possible. The multiplayer mode is one of the highlights in Farming Simulator 2016 App. The cooperative farming with other players over the network or via Bluetooth can be quite easy to use and great fun. More simulator games for free download are available in our extensive catalog of games.

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