It is one of the best known and most popular German-streaming platforms. On For users almost everything you could wish for cinema and group Heart – free and that. However, the legal situation is difficult … Paradise for series and film freaks

The streaming portal provides an extremely wide range of movies and series available. Total should be callable over 85,000 videos. On the home three categories: “Movies”, “series” and “XXX films” are to be found, which is pornographic films in the third section. All categories are divided again into subcategories. So you can call the following areas among others:

  • Last updates
  • Genre
  • All movies / series
  • Random film
  • Movie / Featured (series)

The user can also thanks to search by entering the title or find specific IDs Movies- and series.

Cutting-edge movies and hit series

A first glance at the home page reveals that the offer in the streaming platform is extensive and up to date. Specter * in our cinemas – – For example, the new “James Bond is currently running here he is already deployed as a stream. In the series, the big successes are also included. In addition to The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries Walking Dead and the classics like South Park and Two and a half are there to find Men. series

Annoying: is one negative that aufploppt any advertising while browsing the page with each click or the user is directed to an advertising page.

Despite missing Movie4k download illegal?

The operator of the site that do not reveal their identities, moreover, explained on the page that none of the films and videos lying on their servers. They call their page as a search engine – just for video streams. The footage found by third parties via inline frame or an external link embedded on the page. The operators themselves do not operate from Germany and refer to their actions as legal, since they refer only to the videos.

The film industry sees things differently. Even if no one makes a Movie4k download and it is “only” is streaming, the site is classified as illegal. Thus, operators spread the movie content without the consent of the author – and that’s not right.

, users make use of Movie4k punishable?

There are different views when asked legal representative. Some say only the viewing of copyrighted content such as movies and so was unlawful. Others are of the opinion that one does not make it illegal. Finally, if you are streaming only a temporary storage would take place. So that brings us back to the infamous gray area.