Kindle does not respond: made revival easily 2023

Kindle does not respond: made revival easily

If the eBook Reader Amazon has crashed, the various reasons may have. Kindle does not respond? No worries – the following ideas will help in reviving the unit. make smart now!

Amazon eBook Reader is not only available in different models. Users can also download the Kindle app and thus browse device-independent in their books. but a shift to the app is not a permanent solution, after reading with the Kindle is much more comfortable.

Kindle does not respond

Kindle does not respond: Causes & Troubleshooting

If the device herumzickt times that can have very different causes. Mostly, however, the problems are not serious and can be easily rectified. We will address the root causes below and propose solutions.

Low battery freezes Kindle screen

The most unproblematic variant is a weakening battery. As a rule, the unit switches off easy with a flat battery. However, it can cause the screen to freeze. The following procedure helps:

  • First, the device needs juice, so it should first be charged for minimum 15 minutes.
  • A restart can be attempted. Just the on / off key and keep it pressed until the display disappears on the screen. After that, the Kindle can be restarted.

Software error causes problems

If charging does not help and you still have to find the Kindle does not respond, then you can go out errors by a software. That sounds very dramatic but often can be solved by resetting:

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Kindle does not respond reset

  • For this, the user actuates again the on / off button, but keep it this time for about 20-30 seconds.
  • When you release the screen to restart should then appear. The restart is now running, it may take several minutes. As long as the user must first wait.
  • Exceeds the process the time frame of a few minutes, it can be assumed that the unit has hung up again.
  • In this case, you should charge the Kindle a little longer: The manufacturer recommends 30-40 minutes here. Subsequently, the reset can be retried.

Last resort: hard reset the Kindle

If one has not moved a millimeter despite the above attempts towards repair, say, the state is still the same and the Kindle does not respond, then only helps a hard reset may. That is, it brings the device back to factory condition. but unfortunately this also means that everything disappears from the device – Books, attitudes, everything.

Important NOTE: The hard reset should be performed only if the warranty has expired on the device, otherwise it expires. Who still has warranty, should rather contact support, because Amazon repaired equipment free of charge.

  • In the first step, the cover of the device is removed. This is best achieved through the leverage with a flat object.
  • Under the cover, you can now see the rectangular battery. Very close to a small hole is to be found, the reset button.
  • To actuate this is an acute, long object is needed. For this, a pin, clip or the like is suitable.
  • Now insert this subject and hold for about five seconds. Then you can try easy resetting.
  • The Kindle does not respond? Then repeat the entire procedure.
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Note: With newer models of the hidden reset button is not pressed, but the battery for a few seconds removed.