With the threema app you can chat completely anonymous. The instant messenger promises to leave no data track. And with all the essentials such as group chats or sending your pictures, videos, voice messages, locations, or files such as PDFs, GIFs, MP3, text documents or compressed content. Even surveys can be created easily by Schweitzer Messenger.

threema appThe threema app (Photo: threema GmbH / Editorial)

Threema app recommended for security lovers

Actually downgraded the Stiftung Warentest in the investigation of five Messenger Apps threema the only with the vote “critical in terms of data protection” a. That all servers of the provider claims to be in Switzerland, is unlikely to have contributed considerably to this classification.

Encrypted data transfer when threema Instant Messenger

The same applies to the various encryption mechanisms, which are used by threema Instant Messenger. Via end-to-end encryption to transfer data between your smartphone and the servers of the service is tap-proof. are protected not only the message itself but also group chat, media, files, and even the status messages.

End-to-end coding makes decryption by third parties impossible

With the end-to-end encryption data is encoded on the device of the sender before shipping and can be decoded only by the addressee thanks asymmetric key. Since the keys are only available on the mobile devices of the user, the deciphering of messages by third parties will make nearly impossible. The provider server to function merely as a “means of transport” of data sent: The messages are deleted immediately after delivery so that as few metadata are recorded. In addition, groups and contact lists are managed exclusively on the smart phone and not on the server.

Threema app: Complete anonymity

Also in terms of anonymity, the Instant Messenger does not have to hide behind its competitors – on the contrary, just at this point, the threema app has a huge advantage. After installation, the address book can be synchronized with the user data on the servers, so that other users of the app threema automatically appear in the contact list. Unlike some other app of this genre as the full own phone book is transferred to the file transfer, but it is only an adjustment using checksums instead – again, so safety first. However, each user of the tool is not displayed. For while setting up the app will generate a random threema ID that must be associated with either a phone number or an e-mail address. So threema can also be used completely anonymous.

Threema Android: Not free, but recommended

Buy the way: The threema app is not free, even a trial version does not offer the manufacturer. Therefore, no files are found in the download section for downloading, but only the links to the various stores for Android, iOS and Windows.